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Fear Not for I shall be Returning.

Posted Aug 07 2010 5:43am

I'm back. At least, I'm back for the most part.

Again, there's been a lot going on in my life that has caused my hiatus in my blogging. First off, my husband and I separated. I ended up moving to Florida with my father and am getting adjusted to the vicinity. Second, I'm looking for a job which is occupying most of my time. You know how that goes, trying to find a place that pays enough money to afford my snobbish cooking habit. Snobbish? Well, okay, not really but I prefer the non-standard vegetables. The third and final reason is that I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and, therefore, can only eat but mushy stuff for the mean time.

So, I've been, first off, feasting upon popsicles and jello. Now, I'm gradually adding in more foods such as polenta with tomato sauce and oatmeal here and there. I'm going to try mashed potatoes next and then guacamole. I'm also thinking of cooking down zucchini and having that on top of some polenta. Of course, refried beans too and hummus. For fruits, I'm thinking mashed bananas, applesauce, and pretty much baby food - bleh. I want pudding so I might go ahead and make some of my soy pudding as well to have.

I found a cookbook, unfortunately, after I had my teeth pulled that was gluten free vegetarian. I can't wait to crack into it because I found so many wonderful recipes. But, my gluten free ordeal may dwindle. I didn't know that Jacksonville had the Mayo Clinic right here that, ironically enough, deals with celiac's disease and gluten intolerant patients. Once my teeth heal and I get a job, I'm going to get reevaluated by professionals and, hopefully, find out something more. Maybe it isn't celiac's disease..maybe its just IBS..if it is, sure, I know I have to still watch my gluten intake but maybe I can try to go back to the things that I used to have.

Of course, I could be all wet. I just don't know. I just have options now and hope. I'll be starting school in January too and finally be on the road to become a dietitian - a full fledged dietitian with a degree and then certification with the ADA. I can't wait! So, until three more weeks unless I create a marvel out of mush, I'll post something. Just be a little bit more patient with me folks.

But I really miss salads!!

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