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Favorite Things Tuesday

Posted Apr 09 2013 11:45am

Hey guys! As I mentioned yesterday, I had a lot of really fun “favorite things” that I wanted to share with you on Friday, but unfortunately I never got around to posting. Sometimes life gets in the way!

Instead of letting those fun things drift away forgotten, let’s just go over them today! It can be a “Favorite Things Friday Tuesday” of sorts. Sound good?

Ok so here are a few of my favorite things from last week…

Favorite Forecast

Holy heat wave! Check out that 10-day forecast! I actually took a screen shot of my weather app on Friday, but back then it was only predicting temperatures in the 70′s. Now that it’s predicting 90 degrees, I thought it deserved another screen shot!

While I have to say I’m a bit disappointed about the upcoming weekend (low 60′s?) the weather through Thursday looks great. Sure it’s a bit hot, and umm what happened to spring? Are we just skipping ahead to summer now? Either way I am grateful for some warmer weather and sunshine. :-D

Favorite Sighting

It happened again ! I spotted the president (or at least someone super important who required about 25 police escorts) on my way home from work. It’s always surprising when I’m walking along minding my own business, and out of no where comes a whole lineup of police cars, motorcycles, and SUVs. I have to admit it’s pretty cool!

Now if only those windows weren’t tinted so I could have seen who was inside. Michelle Obama and the girls, perhaps? Joe Biden? The president himself? Guess I’ll never know…

Favorite Sounds

Check that out you guys! Harry Potter’s on my iPhone!! I guess my whining about not wanting to spend money on audiobooks was effective, because as my Easter gift (yes, my mom still buys me Easter gifts) I received the Harry Potter collection of audio books!! Isn’t she the best?!

I cannot tell you happy it makes me to walk to and from work, walk Jack, or, better yet, complete my long runs, while listening to Harry Potter. It is seriously awesome. If you have a favorite book series, I definitely recommend getting it on audiobook. It just makes everything better :)

Also, please note that in the screenshot above, I am on the very last chapter and the last few minutes of the first book. As in, I listened to a whole book in about a week. Oops? I just hope these last me until my half marathon in May…I gotta’ pace myself!!

Favorite Old Friend

Any long time (and I mean loooong time) CET readers might remember last May (<– super old post warning) when I posted this picture of a random duck that made her nest in the middle of DC.

I thought it was weird that in a city full of concrete buildings and hardly any trees, grass, etc., that this duck would decide to make her nest here. I remember wondering how she got into the city and hoping that her eggs would be safe. How does a duck get into the middle of the city anyway? Shouldn’t she be near a lake or something?

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this on my way to work last week…

She’s back!! How weird is that? Maybe I’m the only one who thinks so, but I just think seeing a duck in the middle of the sidewalk in DC seems so out of place. She was standing right next to the flower bed where she made her nest last year. So weird, right? Any duck experts out there have any wisdom to share with me? Clearly she’s a city girl who just doesn’t like the suburbs. My kind of chick (get it? chick? ok I’m done).

Favorite Social Network

Have you guys been on Vine yet? I have only had my account for about a week now and I have to say it is quite addicting.

What is Vine you ask? Well, to explain it quickly, it’s like Instagram for videos. It allows you take to take short videos that then run on a loop. You can caption them and use hashtags, just like on Instagram. It also hooks up to your twitter and facebook so you can easily find friends.

It’s really easy to use and there’s something so fascinating (read: creepy?) about watching other people’s videos. I think I spent about an hour the other night looking up videos for #blacklab. True story. Here’s a video Fabio posted of our 8 mile run on Saturday. He maybe doesn’t have the best cinematography skills, but it’s still pretty cool!

Follow me on Vine! Just download the app, click on “Explore,” and search for “Chelsea Eats Treats.” Easy! I will also probably post some of the better videos on here for you guys, since I have a feeling this will be my new obsession :) Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Favorite Good News

My grandfather is (almost) out of the ICU!!!

My grandfather has been improving more and more with each passing day, and today they are planning to move him from the ICU into a regular hospital room.

Last week they took him off of the respiratory tube and shortly after that he woke up for the first time since his surgery.

My mom tells me that she’s been having regular conversations with my grandfather and that he is alert as ever :) He is also ready to go home and making jokes about my grandmother (loving jokes of course, they’ve been married for 3/4 of their lives) which shows me that he is almost back to normal.

The nurses have been transitioning him back to “normal” foods and he should hopefully be able to go home soon! I can’t wait to visit him again now that he’s awake and feeling better :-D What a gift from God!! I am so thankful that he’s doing better I want to thank ALL OF YOU for your prayers and warm wishes!

When I visited him during Easter, one of his nurses told me that my grandfather is a fighter and wasn’t ready to leave this world. I think she was right :)

Question of the day: What’s the weather like where you are?

Do you listen to audiobooks?

Have you been on Vine yet? What did you make your videos of?

Are you close with your grandparents?



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