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Favorite Things Friday!

Posted Mar 08 2013 10:45am

Hey there people! Happy Friday! I hope this week went by quickly for you! I’m pretty excited for the weekend and have a few fun things on the agenda, so I am ready for this day to be OVER! Is it time to go home yet?

How about I share a few of my favorite things from the week to help the day pass more quickly?

Favorite New-to-me-snack

My dad recently added me to his Costco account (which could have received a whole Favorite Things Friday spot itself- I cannot tell you how irrationally happy this made me!!) and now I am a proud owner of a Costco card. Woohoo!

While stocking up on some groceries there over the weekend, I stumbled across a huge variety pack of Skinny Cow treats. I have tried a few Skinny Cow chocolates before (specifically, the caramel bites) and thought they were pretty tasty, but in the variety pack from Costco I discovered these.

Filled with delightful peanut butter and a crunchy cookie layer, these low-calorie chocolate bars remind me a LOT of Reese’s sticks, which happen to be my favorite candy ever! The good news is they are only 110 calories and 3 Weight Watchers Points +. How awesome is that?! If you ever are lucky enough to find these in the grocery store, I definitely recommend giving them a try. I am in love!!

Favorite Switch Up

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you probably know that I’m not exactly a gym rat. Although I work out 4 – 5 times per week, I usually run outside and complete workout videos like Insanity and Jillian Michaels from the comfort of my living room. Occasionally I will take a class at the gym like spinning or Body Pump , but you will rarely find me on the cardio machines at the gym and hardly ever on the treadmill. What can I say, they bore me! I like running outside!

However this changed on Wednesday evening when I had a three mile run on the agenda and it was raining like crazy. That would have been fine, but the wind was absurd. There were warnings on the weather channel about the wind’s strong gusts and I got drenched after being outside for just a few minutes to walk Jack. No bueno.

So, I sucked it up, headed to the gym, and ran the three miles on the treadmill. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad! I still definitely like running outside better, but the time went by quickly and I loved that I was able to control my pace. I wound up walking for .05 miles at a 4.5 warmup speed and then cranked the speed up to 7 (which winds up being about 8:34 per mile) for the rest of my three miles. It wasn’t too bad at all! Although I still love running outside, I will definitely consider the treadmill again in circumstances such as this.

Favorite Chore

Every morning I pick up all of Jack’s toys and put them in his cage so he can have them in there with him during the day. Every evening Jack brings them out of his cage, one by one, to play with.

I thought the layout of his toys was particularly funny the other morning since they were all sprawled out on the living room floor. You would think that based on the seven toys in this picture that we had like three dogs or something, but nope. Just one very spoiled pooch. Oh well.

Favorite After-work Event

As I mentioned on Wednesday , I had the opportunity to visit my alma mater after work this week. It was so nice to be back on the University of Maryland campus!! (Psst, can you spot me in the pic above? I’m on the top right gesturing to the sign. This was a few days before graduation back in the day. Wahh! Wish I could go back sometimes).

The reason I went back to good ol’ University of Maryland was because I was invited to speak to a few current undergrads about finding a career after graduation and how to format your resume, cover letter, etc. I am actually really lucky that I love my job (most days) and wound up doing exactly what I wanted to after college.

There are a lot of students who are worried about getting hired after school, and I felt privileged that they invited me to come speak and help out. It was great to be able to talk to students who are feeling scared and overwhelmed and ensure them that it will all work out ok in the end. I got a ton of emails and resumes out of the experience which I was also able to pass along to HR for our internship program. Win win situation!

Favorite Team

[ Source ]

My friends and I all signed up to play kickball this spring!! It’s going to be a group of about 26 of us and we will be playing each Wednesday at 7:15 on the national mall. How cool, right? There is also a bar that people often go to after the games where you can play flip cup and beer pong outside. Friends + Exercise + Drinking….how could it be bad? Now I just can’t wait for the weather to warm up so it will actually be nice enough to play! It starts April 3 so I don’t have to wait too long. Yay!

Favorite Race

[ Source ]

I also signed up with a few of my girlfriends to run the Color Me Rad 5K in DC in June. I’ve been seeing these races everywhere and have wanted to do one for a while, but they sell out so quickly! Finally I was able to register for one and now I can’t wait to run it in June. It will be a lot of fun!! It will definitely be different from a normal race, and I’m sure it won’t be as serious, but that’s half the fun! I want to keep my eye out for some crazy fun sunglasses and accessories I can wear during the race. Let me know if you have any ideas!

So guys that’s all I have for today. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Question of the day: Have you ever run any crazy races? What did you think?

Someday I think I’d like to try the Tough Mudder with Fabio. Maybe that can be something to start thinking about after my half!

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