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Favorite Things Friday

Posted Mar 01 2013 2:24pm

It’s Friiiiiday :-D Who’s excited?

One of my favorite things to do on Fridays is to show you guys what I am happy about this week, so let’s jump right into today’s Favorite Things Friday post!

Favorite Side Dish

As you have probably seen lately , Fabio and I have been enjoying our fair share of plantains with dinner! Because Fabio is half Colombian and half Bolivian, he grew up with traditional Latin American foods. One of those foods he really enjoyed as a kid was fried plantains.

As soon as I tasted them a few years ago, I could see why he loved them! They are a lot like bananas but aren’t as sweet. I don’t think you can eat them raw because they are a bit more firm and I’ve only ever seen them fried.

Recently we’ve been able to find them for super cheap at the Asian supermarket that we like  (you can’t really be surprised by this) so I’ve been experimenting with how to cook them. We’ve had a few really great batches lately so I’m starting to put together a post on how to cook them. They are delicious and make a great change of pace to the usual broccoli/brussels sprouts/spinach/carrots side dish that we usually have :)

Favorite Picture of Jack

Jack likes to think of himself as the king of the household (not that we stop him) so a lot of the time he will sit on the very top of the couch. He likes to walk along the back edge of the couch and then flop down on top of all the cushions. It’s not great for the couch cushions and is also kind of awkward when we have company over and he starts walking along the couch behind them, but he likes it and Fabio and I don’t mind too much (and we’re weenies) so we let him.

Last night he made himself extra comfortable on the back of the couch by using Fabio’s shoulder as a  pillow. Just make yourself comfortable, Jack, don’t mind us ;)

Favorite Sighting

On my way home from work the other day, I had to stop at an intersection to let a ton of police cars and motorcycles pass by. This went on for quite a while before the never-ending train of police ended with three black SUVs. I don’t know about you, but to me it seems pretty likely that this was probably someone of high importance, most likely the president. Oh heeeey Obama!

While it’s not unusual for the president to fly over my mom’s house on his way to Camp David (we always see helicopters flying in groups of threes and can be pretty sure it’s him), it’s not too often that the president passes me on the street. Not that I could see through the tinted windows of course, but still, it was kinda cool.

Favorite Social Media Connection

Did you guys see who liked my Instagram photo this week? Yeah. That would be MasterCard. I have no idea why, and I haven’t said or done anything in response. I did decide to immediately follow MasterCard on instagram, but other than that I have no clue if I should do anything else. Why did MasterCard like my picture? How did they find it? Weird, right?

Favorite Fitness Accessory

I told you guys a while ago that I ordered a FlipBelt for running, but I wanted to wait a while until I had a few more runs under my belt (pun totally intended) before giving it a review. And the result? I love it!!

Not only has it been great on my regular runs, but I have loved using it during my long bike rides over the last few weekends. It has been perfect for storing my keys, money, and phone. I’m so glad I purchased it when I did because with the weather warming up, I’ve been on a couple of runs lately without my zippered jacket pockets which would have been really annoying without the FlipBelt. I highly recommend it!

Favorite Read

[ Source ]

Earlier this week I was in a bit of a “book limbo” because I was waiting for the new Book Club selection to be announced but had already finished reading Silver Linings Playbook. I thought I could make it through a week without reading a new book, but eventually I caved when my coworker told me about a book she is reading and loving that is also being turned into a movie. FINE I’ll just give in lol. Seriously, I’m a pretty voracious reader and having no book was pretty annoying for me, so I caved and started a new one.

I’m sure I’ll be able to finish it (since I’m already 75% done- yikes) in enough time to read the book club book this month too. It’s so good, I can’t put it down! If you’re looking for a new book to read, definitely add Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks to your list. (Also as a side note- I’m going to see Silver Linings Playbook in theaters tonight with some girl friends! I hope I like it as much as I liked the book!).

Favorite Weekend Plans

This weekend I will be going to a hunt ball with my mom, stepdad, and Fabio! These pictures are from when we went in 2009 (we were such babies! Look at Fabio’s face!!) and I’m sure it will be just as much fun this year.

What is a hunt ball, you ask? Well my stepdad likes to fox hunt, which is basically that scene from Mary Poppins where everyone rides around horses following a pack of dogs who are chasing a fox (like my Mary Poppins reference? lol).

It seems pretty fun to me, especially since there is a party before and after the hunt, and there isn’t any actual real hunting involved (sometimes the dogs will catch the fox, but not too often. Also, there’s no shooting or anything).

Anywayyyy every year my stepdad’s hunt group has a fancy ball with free food and drinks and Fabio and I like to go (free food and drinks, why not?). My mom and stepdad usually dance a lot (see the pics above!) so it should be really fun. We are going tomorrow and I can’t wait!

So that’s all I have for today kids. Have a great weekend!

Question of the day: Have you ever heard of fox hunting? Have you ever been to super fancy ball?

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