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Favorite Things Friday

Posted Jan 25 2013 2:35pm

Hello there! Can you believe it’s already Friday? This week really flew by for me, which is always a welcome occurrence in my book :)

I have a few fun plans in the works for the weekend, but nothing too crazy. You know I will give you guys a full recap on Monday, of course!

Before we get to any of that though, let’s talk about this week’s Favorite Things Friday! Here are some things from the week that made me smile!

Favorite Surprise

One day this week, I knew it was going to be a late night at work and I didn’t want to skip my workout, so I got up extra early to squeeze it in before work. Fabio decided to wake up and do the workout with me, and he wound up having some extra time while I was showering and getting myself ready for the day.

I assumed he would just go back to sleep or watch TV, so imagine my surprise when I headed into the kitchen expecting to pour myself a boring bowl of cereal and seeing instead that Fabio had whipped up these delicious egg burritos for breakfast!

Inside each burrito was one egg, a splash of egg whites, salsa, and cheddar cheese (6 Weight Watchers Points+ with the tortilla). They were so tasty and exactly what I needed to start my day off on the right foot. He’s a keeper, that Fabio!

Favorite Snack

When some friends came over last weekend to watch football, my friend Britt was kind enough to bring some snacks including chips, salsa, and the delicious SmartFood popcorn. When she was about to head home, I told her to take the popcorn with her since I usually try to avoid buying/eating foods like that.

Unfortunately (for her), she forgot the popcorn on her way out and now it’s all mine. Mwahahaha! No but seriously, this popcorn is delicious and I have been munching on it all week! Plus it’s 4 Weight Watchers Points+ for 1 and 3/4 cup, which is way more than I would ever eat in one sitting (I usually have about 1/2 cup at a time).

It has been a great snack to have around and I will be really sad when the bag is empty :( Thanks, Britt!!

Favorite Picture of Jack

Yesterday as I was getting dinner ready, these two goofballs were playing around in the kitchen with me. Fabio scooped up Jack like a little child and was holding him in his arms while Jack tried to wiggle away. It kept me quite entertained while I was preparing dinner!

Favorite Weather (?)

Please excuse my sleepy eyes…this was first thing in the morning!

Yesterday morning it snowed!! We actually got almost two inches in Arlington, and since none of the sidewalks had been salted it was quite slippery on my walk to the metro. I was sorta-kinda wishing I would get an email from work telling me to telecommute, but alas, no luck. It seems like Arlington got the majority of the snow-fall anyway, so it made sense that my work didn’t make any special accommodations. Next time!

It sure was pretty though!!

Favorite Lunch Date

Since my mom is vacationing in Italy again as of yesterday (she just went in November and August!!), she met me for lunch  on Wednesday before she left. We went to a delicious tapas place near my work called Boqueria and it was delicious! It was so fun orering a bunch of small plates and getting to try a variety of foods. I left feeling quite stuffed, and was sad to return back to work after our fun lunch :(

Favorite Commitment

Look at that you guys! I did it! I bit the bullet and registered for the St. Michael’s Half Marathon I keep talking about ! I’m so happy that I signed up and made the commitment because now I know I will follow through with my 2013 goal to run a half marathon .

I have to admit I’m a little scared, but I’m more excited than anything else. You guys know I’ll be sharing my progress with you along the way, so stay tuned!

Favorite Commitment #2

Whaaaaat? What’s this? A registration certificate from Bike New York for their five-borough bike tour ? That’s right, just two weeks before my half marathon, I will be biking 40 miles around all five boroughs of New York.

Oh, also, I don’t bike. Like at all. Unless you count spin class. Does that count? I don’t think so.

Before you think I’m a total loon (Britt obviously does!), let me explain why I decided at the last minute to sign up for some intense and expensive (more expensive than the half!) bike race.

My dad and I did this race together when I was a little kid. I think I was about eight years old and we rode a tandem bike together through the race. It was one of my happiest memories because we spent the whole day together and I remember pedaling in unison to conquer this massive hill at the end of the race. I had such a good time, and I always wanted to do it again even though I’m not a great biker.

I should also mention that my dad is pretty overweight (I’ve mentioned this a bit in my Weight Loss Story , but never really talked about it before) and I’ve been trying to get him motivated to get into shape for a few years now. I’ve dropped hints before about Weight Watchers or going to the gym, but he never seemed interested.

That’s why when I got a text from him on Tuesday saying he signed up to do the Bike NY race and wanted to get into shape, I immediately decided to join him. I thought it was a great way for us to bond and do something together that would also be good for his health.

He even texted me today saying he went to his first spin class in years, and he is feeling great. I am so proud of him.

So that’s why even though it was expensive and even though I don’t bike, I decided to sign up for this race with my dad. We were even able to get Fabio and his dad involved, so now the four of us will be biking together.

I’m really excited to do this race (ride? I don’t know if it’s technically a race), but more importantly, I am so proud of my dad for taking the initiative to improve his health. Way to go dad! I’m so happy for you!

Question of the day: Would you sign up for a 40 mile bike race two weeks before a half marathon?


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