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Favorite Things Friday

Posted Jan 18 2013 2:54pm

Does anyone else out there feel like this week lasted 1.5 million years? Yes, 1.5 million. Maybe even 1.5 billion. Ok, maybe not. I’m just saying that it felt entirely too long and I am so. ready. to. go. home.

Unfortunately I had some plans to have dinner with my family tonight which fell through, so now my schedule is suddenly wide open. Should I meet up with a couple of friends for drinks at the bar? Should I sit at home in my PJs and cook up something spectacular in the kitchen? Should I call either of my parents to see if they want to get together to do something other than our original dinner plans? I have no idea what my future will hold, and I like it.

I do, however, have some serious weekend plans after tonight which include but are not limited to: a dentist appointment, an eye doctor appointment, a birthday celebration at the bar, and another brunch with 9 friends. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to kick this weekend off :) Woohoo!!

But before I can get started on any of those fun activities though, let’s talk about this week’s Favorite Things Friday! Here are some things I have been loving this week…

Favorite Containers

You guys have probably been seeing these cute little containers in my last few WIAW posts , but I wanted to take a minute to highlight them all on their own because they seriously make me so happy :)

If you remember, I used to buy those individual travel-sized hummus packets each week which, although useful, got pretty darn expensive. I looked for little portable containers everywhere (Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, etc.) but never had any luck. Finally I sucked it up and went to the Container Store on a mission to find these babies. Luckily they had about a million options and I picked up 6 of these cute containers for about $6 or $7 (I forget the exact price). They are dishwasher-safe and soo easy to use. Now on Sundays when I prepare for the week, I just fill each of these with a little hummus and they are ready to go! Success!

Oh, and don’t mind that weird-looking green swirl in the photo above; it’s just because I had Mediterranean-flavored hummus and not all of the herbs got mixed in. Woops!

Favorite Package

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this yet on the blog or not, but I am an Ambassador (look, I’m famous!) for the Greatist website! Greatist is a fabulous web resource that is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging others to adopt healthy habits.

I read Greatist articles all the time (they are so interesting!) and I love hearing about their health tips and advice. I even looked at their job opportunities because there is nothing I would love more than to write for an awesome outlet like Greatist (unfortunately they have a lot of unpaid writing opportunities but not too many full-time positions. Not that I’m in the market for a new job by any means, but you get my point. It would be awesome).

Anyway, when I heard about the Greatist Ambassador program I eagerly applied and was so excited to be selected to join the program! I recently received this cute t-shirt from Greatist (you can’t see in the picture but it’s a cute little V-neck) and these fun Greatist stickers which I have already added to the workout calendar on my fridge :) It’s such a great organization and I’m so excited to be a part of it!!

Favorite Picture of Jack

So Jack has just discovered how to sleep under the covers (and we’ve had him for more than a year!). It is now his new favorite place to sleep. I’m not sure if he’s just particularly cold these days or if he really did just figure this out, but he has been sleeping under the covers all week. He has also learned that it’s too hard to breathe under the covers for long, so eventually he’ll stick his nose out lol. What a silly boy!

Favorite Dessert

Ok so you guys have heard me talk about my love for VitaTops (3 WW P+, 100 calories, 9g of fiber, 4g of protein, delicious). You have also heard about my new obsession with Better ‘N Butter peanut butter (2 WW P+, 100 calories, 2g of fat, 4 g of protein for 2 whole tablespoons).

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the two came crashing together into a chocolately, peanutbuttery, delicious snack. Just slather these little chocolatey pillows of love with a bit of Better ‘N Butter Peanut Butter and you have a tasty dessert (or breakfast? Don’t people eat VitaTops for breakfast? No? Just me? Oh.) for only 4 Weight Watchers Points Plus. Aaaand if you pop it into the microwave for a few seconds so the chocolate chips get all melty? You get a little piece of heaven. I kid you not.

Favorite Motivator

You guys have also probably heard me talking about my obsession with my Nike Fuel Band recently. In case you are unfamiliar with Nike Fuel Bands, they are a sort-of high-tech pedometer that keeps track of how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day, how many calories you’ve burned, and compiles the data to track your “fuel” for the day.

The band syncs to your computer and iPhone so you can keep track of your progress. Also, when you reach your pre-determined goal for the day, the band will turn green on the display screen and give you a fun little GOAL message with blinking lights (you can see today it’s still pretty yellow since we are only halfway through the day).

Although I’ve only had my Nike Fuel Band for a few weeks (you may remember I got it for Christmas ), I am already seeing a difference in how active I am. I find myself walking around the office more, taking longer routes to walk Jack, and getting off one metro stop earlier than usual. So far I am loving it and highly recommend it to all of you!

Favorite Preview

Check out this delicious lightened-up broccoli Mac ‘N Cheese I made last night. Looks delicious, no? I will share the recipe with you soon, but for now I wanted to leave you with that tantalizing preview. You’re welcome.

Least Favorite Thing

Ok, do you mind if I vent about my least favorite thing for a second? It’s probably going to be irrelevant to 99.9% of you, but if even one person can relate I’ll feel better.

So. Fabio and I recently discovered that we have every episode of Dexter ever on demand. We had never seen the show before, so in the past few months we have been catching up. Last night we finished the last episode of Season Four (I realize this season is from some absurdly old year of like 2009 or something).

If you can’t remember, Season Four is the season where Dexter chases the Trinity killer. And then this happened (it’s a bit gruesome, sorry).

[ Source ]

What the hell?! Why would they kill Rita? I am so mad I don’t even want to start watching Season 5. Like seriously, I now want to boycott my favorite show. Ugh!!

So annoying.

If this does not relate to you at all, please go watch Dexter because it’s the best show ever. Just don’t watch Season 4. It will break your heart.

And if you can relate to me or you remember this happening, please, please comment and console me because I am feeling distraught.

Ok I’ve done enough whining now.

Go enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!

Question of the day: Have you ever been really disappointed in a show, and not wanted to watch again after?

This happened to me with the dearly-beloved OC. Remember when they killed Marissa off? Stupid. Luckily I was somewhat over the OC by that point, but I still remember being shocked.

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