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Favorite Things Friday

Posted Nov 09 2012 2:21pm

Hi guys! Happy Friday!!! I hope you are all having an awesome day and are ready for the weekend. Does anyone have any fun plans?

For my part I am going to a bachelorette party tonight!! It will be my first one, although I have been invited to one before (I couldn’t go last time because it was in Miami and I couldn’t get off work. Womp womp.) so I can’t wait to see what it will be like! The party is for one of Fabio’s coworkers Gra, who is just the sweetest person ever. We haven’t known each other for very long, but every time we get together it’s a blast. I can’t wait to celebrate with her tonight!! I promise to give you guys a full recap on Monday ;)

Anyway, I hope you guys have some fun weekend plans in the works!! For now though, please enjoy my favorite photos from this week and last week!!

Favorite Adventure

Sorry for the grainy iPhone pic!

Last week Fabio and I had to work from home due to hurricane Sandy. On Monday evening when we found out our offices would be closed the next day, we decided to walk over to our friend James’ house for a hurricane party of sorts. We bundled up in our heaviest raincoats and braced ourselves the worst. Although James lives right across the street, the walk over there was crazy! The wind was blowing so hard that I felt like it was going to push me over. The streets were deserted, rain was coming down in sheets, and we saw some huge trees that had fallen down right in the middle of the main street. It was really scary but oddly thrilling to go exploring during the storm (we made sure we were safe and avoided any big trees, of course). The hurricane party was pretty fun too, but I almost think the adventure of getting there was the best part ;)

Favorite View

A few days after hurricane Sandy hit, the weather turned beautiful again. As I was walking to work one morning last week I happened to look down and I thought all of the leaves in front of me were just so pretty. It looks like something out of a magazine, doesn’t it?

Favorite Treat

Last week at work we had a fun little Halloween pizza party :) My office ordered tons of pizza (I had a delicious slice of veggie with spinach, peppers, onions, and mushrooms!) and fun little “candy stations” on the side tables. Each station had different types of candy and these cute little Halloween treat bags for us to fill ourselves. I filled mine with candy corn, mini twix, and mini snickers. So good!

Favorite Decoration

Although Fabio and I carved our pumpkins to look great in the dark, there is unfortunately no where dark where we could put them on display on Halloween since we don’t have a front step or anything outside. So, we improvised.

This is how our pumpkins wound up on the floor outside our apartment door haha. They didn’t look quite as good as they did in the dark, but at least we had something festive for our neighbors to see. Hey, better than nothing, right?

Favorite Book

I’m not sure if any of you guys read the blog Young House Love , but you totally should! It’s not a food blog or a fitness blog, but I love it anyway! Instead it’s more about DIY and fixing up your home, which is not something I am good at by any means but their blog is great for beginners and pros alike. The main reason I like them is because of their fun writing style which is no doubt why they have sooooo many fans. Anyway, their book just came out and I pre-ordered it on Amazon earlier this summer and it finally came. I tweeted this picture to them and they answered me back which I thought was awesome! That is, until I read their post the next day saying hundreds of other people tweeted and facebooked them all night too haha. Guess I wasn’t the only one who was excited!

Favorite Sip

They’re baaaaaaack! Starbucks Christmas cups are here!! Woot!! This is making me think that it may be time to pull my little white Christmas lights out of storage and hang them inside the living room (I did this last winter and it makes the room so cozy!). I promise to hold off on putting up my tree and wreath until at least Black Friday, but I can get started on a few simple Christmas lights, right? Haha.

Favorite Choice

On Tuesday morning I set the alarm for 5:45 a.m. so I could get out and vote!! The polls didn’t even open until 6:00, but it was a good thing I went early because I had to wait in line for an hour and a half!! I knew I wouldn’t have time to vote during any other time of the day, so I sucked it up and went early. It was definitely worth it since I live in Virginia which was such a key part of the election this year. Great decision!

Alright so that’s it for my favorite things Friday this week! I hope you all have an awesome weekend!!

Question of the Day: What are some of your highlights from this week?

For me I have to say voting was pretty cool, and I always like getting excited for the holidays :)

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