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Favorite Things Friday: The Birthday Edition!

Posted Sep 28 2012 3:37pm

Hello there! I am one very happy girl today because I had such an awesome birthday yesterday! Everyone was so thoughtful and I literally walked home from work with a huge grin on my face (yes, I was that person who was walking down the street smiling to themselves for no reason). It was just such a great birthday and I thank you all for your kind wishes yesterday! Your comments mean a lot to me!

Anyway, let’s go ahead and jump into this week’s Favorite Things Friday. They are all pretty birthday-themed, but you were expecting that, weren’t you?

Favorite Breakfast

Fabio was super sweet yesterday for my birthday and made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (woohoo!!). Although there was a slight hiccup with the measurements (he got confused between 1/2 cup and 1 cup and wound up adding double the flour lol) I was able to help him fix everything and they came out delicious in the end ;) It was his first time ever making pancakes and I think he did a great job, even if some of them turned out a tiny bit burned…they tasted awesome!! haha.

Favorite Work Surprise

When I got to work, HR kindly brought me a bunch of balloons and a bag of jelly beans! My coworker Mary also bought me a rainbow M&M cookie. Isn’t she the sweetest? Then later in the day everyone on my team signed a card for me and came over to my cube to wish me a happy birthday. It was so thoughtful and I am so blessed to work with such an awesome group of people :)

Favorite Delivery #1

The office receptionist called me around mid-morning to let me know I had a package. Inside was a gorgeous card from my aunt with some money inside!! She is awesome and I love her. Thanks CC!!

Favorite Delivery #2

Not long after, I received another call from the receptionist saying I had another package. Yippee! This time it was a beautiful box of flowers including some hydrangeas, lilies, and roses. Gorgeous! Plus a fun balloon :) These were from Fabio and his family, but signed from the dogs haha. I think the card says something like “WOOF WOOF with love” haha! He really is the best, right?

Favorite Lunch

Around lunch time I got another call from the receptionist (she must have been hating me at this point lol) telling me that my mom was here to take me to lunch. Awesome!! We went to a fun place near my job called Hudson and sat at a table outside. We both ordered a BLT which came with lettuce, a fried green tomato, bacon, avocado, and goat cheese. SO GOOD. The fried green tomato was phenomenal and I am determined to recreate this at home sometime. It was such a nice way to celebrate my birthday during the work day!

Favorite Gift

After work I met my dad and Fabio for dinner at Outback, my favorite childhood restaurant (it’s weird I know, but I used to always pick Outback for my birthday growing up and it just seemed right to go there again!). Fabio and my dad were such little tricksters because although I suggested that they go in on a gift together and get me a David Yurman bracelet I really wanted, they both seemed against the idea and asked me what else I wanted. Fabio even ordered me another (cheaper) gift off of Amazon so that I would see the box and be fooled. They got me so good! I had no idea that they really got me the beautiful bracelet from David Yurman that I had been wanting the whole time. Boys are so sneaky!! But my bracelet is beautiful and I am LOVING it :) yay!!

Favorite Treat

At dinner my dad told the waiter that it was my birthday and he brought out this ginormous brownie sundae. It was sooooooo good and between my dad, Fabio, and I, there was only like one bite left at the end! Haha it was great! Plus, I was only doing what Catrina asked:

Haha ok Treen, if you say so!! ;) lol

Favorite Picture of Jack

And, because it’s obligatory for me to have a picture of Jack in all of my Favorite Things Friday posts, please enjoy this picture of me & Jack on the couch after dinner, snuggling together in a blanket :) He’s like a human sometimes haha.

So there you have it, all of my favorite pictures from yesterday!! However I still have a birthday-filled weekend ahead so there are bound to be more pics on Monday! Yay!

So tell me, how long do you celebrate your birthday for? I always celebrate with different family members so my birthday is usually elongated into more of a birthday week haha. It’s not a bad way to go!

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