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Fave Five Friday: Guilt-Free Desserts

Posted Nov 09 2012 9:40am



Fave Five Friday: Guilt-Free Desserts


Ah, tis the season of desserts. It always happens getting closer to Christmas time, the parties, gatherings, get togethers, and the food. Oh the food… always with a dessert …or four.

Here are five amazing desserts that won’t bust the top botton of the jeans or make you loosen the belt a notch!

I am planning on doing a healthy baking day at some point near the end of the month and these are all on the list to make!

Yumm… now for the drool worthy recipes…


Raw Carrot Cake Bites from The Sweet Life 

photo by The Sweet Life

I just love the blogosphere … yes, that’s an actual word, when I wrote it the little “you spelt that wrong” red underline didn’t show up! Why do I love the blogosphere? Because there are so many amazing blogs like this one – The Sweet Life, out there. They inspire me to become the best healthy home baker or cook that ever was! The Sweet Life, is a vegan food blog bursting with delicious recipes including many desserts! These carrot cake bites are made with carrots, dates, and unsweetened coconut which all give the cakes their sweet flavor, and a frosting made with cashew cream and agave nectar, very inventive! There are no refined sugars and these are also gluten free! Oh, and high in fiber!


Healthy Chocolate Mint Squares  from Danielle Omar  

photo by Danielle Omar

Chocolate and mint. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will! The base of these squares is dates, so these are also flour free! They are packed with hemp seeds and chia seeds that provide an ample amount of essential fatty acids and fiber, and these are also free or refined sugars! The peppermint extract gives these squares their minty taste which is oh so appropriate for the season!

Raw Chocolate Orange Truffles  from The Sweet Life 

photo by The Sweet Life

This recipe reminded me of the Terry’s chocolate oranges that you smash! But instead of being packed full of refined sugars, these are sweetened with agave nectar and the natural sugars in the dates! I bet you are getting the hint that dates are a very good secret dessert ingredient! The orange extract gives these their orange flavor, and I’m sure you could use orange peel zest if you couldn’t find the extract! Yum!


Autumn Honey Pear Crisp  from Jennifer’s Kitchen 

photo by Jennifer’s Kitchen

Mmmm… honey, pears, crisp. This dessert looks so warming and tasty and is a healthy twist on the traditional apple crisp! The recipe, from Jennifer’s Kitchen, uses honey as the main sweetener for the filling, and rolled oats to make the crumbly topping. I also love the use of pears! They are a great source of fiber and lend a soft, sweet, taste without overpowering the whole dish! A dessert you can feel good about eating!


Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Maple Yogurt Filling  from Mix It Up 

photo by Mix It Up

Whoopie pies… in my healthy dessert picks?! Am I crazy?! Nope!

These ARE healthy! Oat flour makes the base of these whoopie pies. Oat flour is great as it is high in soluble fiber and a great sours of folic acid! There is a small dose of brown sugar (two tbsp for 10 whoopie pies) and I would substitute it for my favorite coconut palm sugar in this recipe. The filling is made with none other than the mighty Greek yogurt and flavored with pure maple syrup! No refined sugars or flours in these little guys! The pumpkin being the star ingredient is also perfect for a festive party! :)


So there is my fave five for the week… uhhh… you’ve got a little drool on the side of your mou.. yep there, you got it.




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