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Eggplant + Summer Squash Quinoa Cakes [#MMAZ]

Posted Jun 10 2013 10:49am

Ah, yes, here we are yet again: a Monday during which we celebrate the lifestyles of the meat–and fame–less.

please note, i am very bothered by the fact that i didn't change the arrow on this. but i'm also too lazy to deal with it.

I was thrilled when Heather sent out the call for guest posts while she is in Australia for Kirk’s (I’m sure) successful plunge into the Cairns Ironman competition, and, since I am a Meatless Mondays A-Z Rock Star , she obviously wanted me to write the post for today.*

*Or I proposed the idea to her and she said, “Sure.” Either way.

e is for eggplant.

Since she needed the post before we’d even done the first week of recip-E-s, I debated traveling in my time machine to see what other people createdso I would have something to be inspired by…but it was broken.

eggplant + tempeh bulgogi made by...oh. me.

So, instead I just continued to break the rules as I’m wont to do, and be inspired by food from a blogger event. In this case, BLEND , and the Friday night buffet dinner–

–which included a number of delicious dishes, but nothing so addictive as the quinoa cake.

For my interpretation of a dish I skipped dessert for (because I realized I’d rather just eat more of them) I, of course, included this week’s featured ingr-E-dient.

But, for the recipe –and some incredibly witty repartee (with myself)–you’ll have to pop over and visit Heather .

my version. pretty, no?

Who isn’t actually there.

unlike eggplant. which IS home.

But we’ll call it blog-gy-sitting.

How’s that?

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