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Eating with the Seasons

Posted by Swati S.

Whenever I go to the grocery store, I can't help but notice the presence of a large number of cold-stored, processed foods available throughout the year. However, experts believe that it is best to eat seasonal food as it has more flavor and much greater nutritional value. As seasonal food is also relatively cheaper than cold-stored, you get better food for a lesser price. This is something also recommended by experts. In fact, a research was done in England that compared the content of pasteurized milk in winter and summer. In winter, more iodine was found in the milk while in the summer, more beta-carotene was present. This was explained because the animals had a greater quantity of salt-preserved food in the winters, while in the summer, they had more fresh food! So, in your next trip to the store, try to pick up the seasonal fruits and vegetables.
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