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Eating simple in Kenya and Keeping healthy

Posted Sep 26 2011 4:23am
I haven't been able to post for some time. Big reason being that reality is: Not easy here in Nairobi, shilling has dropped and in order to do a good shopping you have to get to the deepest of your pocket, gloom and misery to Kenyan consumers... Since I came here many consumer prices have almost doubled meaning what I spent on my shopping the first months I arrived in Nairobi Im now spending almost wonder ...I woke up this morning dreaming I was keeping a small rented vegetable garden outside the city. There is this lady in my dream giving me a small garden, size of a table @ksh.2000, things are this bad..

But all in all the best way to help your small salary cope is to aim at the market (many farmers markets) in different areas. I must confess that I go to 4 different markets for various products. I have increased vegetable consumption in my daily meals and reduced the sugar. Meat I will go to the city market though they have weighing scales that have been tampered with because every time I buy meat or fish there and come home put it on my kitchen scale its never the weight they declared..God help consumers in Kenya...
Im even thinking of hiring a cameraman, carry my scale and test them in direct TV wouldn't that be fun?

ANyway, stay home moms here is something you can try:
fish from the city market, coated with breadcrumbs, oil and garlic accompanied by Aubergines and tomatoes all baked in the oven.

It is easy to use breadcrumbs also in other vegetables like courgettes as they are called here. Go to markets like Kawangware or Kangemi you will buy fresh ones for ksh.20. Tomatoes you will find 3 or 4 for ksh.20 depending on sizes.
Courgettes (low calory veg, source of folate, source of potassium and good B-Complex vitamin sources) don't ask me more you understand its good food for family.
Tomatoes on other hand (Tomato is King of the kitchen - It contains Lycopene an antioxidant that can fight cancer cells, Vit. K, Natural Antiseptic etc)
Ps. A daily dose of tomato juice keeps you healthy...

Egg frittata with minced spinach and cheese (cottage cheese)

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