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Eat Smart Precision Digital Scale: Giveaway!

Posted Mar 25 2010 2:47pm

Apologies for posting this a day late, but I think you will find it is worth the wait.

I have a wonderful giveaway, courtesy of the people at Eat Smart Scales: specifically, the Eat Smart Precision Digital Scale.

This is a great scale. I already have a digital scale (a wedding present); it took me more than a year to read through the manual to figure out the mechanics (I hate reading directions for gizmos and gadgets in general--and me with my Ph.D.--especially for items I believe should be easy-to-use). It certainly does the job, but it has at least 40 functions I have never used, nor plan to use, is clunky, eats batteries, and costs more than $100.

Enter in the Eat Smart scale. $25, ultra-light, and (according to the manual), easy-to-use. Would it really work?

Instead of one year, it took me one minute to glean the answer. Perfect. Kevin has a series of small weights in his workshop, so in addition to measuring this that and the other in the kitchen for accuracy, I also tested the scale using the standard weights. Exact, every time. It matched up to the fancy scale on every single item.

Here are the specs
1. 11 pound (5 kg) capacity (excellent for bread-making!)

2. Precision to 1 gram.

3. Stable, flat platform (my other scale has the platform on a pedestal; heavy, unusually shaped objects are precarious. Not so with the Eat Smart scale.

4. Uses good old AAA batteries. I don't know who decided that toddler toys and kitchen gadgets are best powered by hard-to-find, expensive button batteries, but it drives me crazy. The Eat Smart Scale has the added advantage of preserving a modicum of my sanity :).

5. As mentioned before--affordable! I am all for a bargain so long as it is quality. Check!

6. Easy to use: Does anyone need calculus features on a digital food scale? I don't. This one has what is needed, nothing more, making it super-easy to use: tare a bowl, zero the scale, read negative numbers, and switch between metric and English weights.

7. Easy to read: A big display that makes it easy to scan and proceed with your baking/eating/etc.

The scale is available for order on , but you can enter to win one right here!


One (1) lucky winner will receive an EatSmart Digital Precision Scale.

It's easy to enter
Starting from the time of this post until next Thursday (April 1), post a comment to this post that answers the following question. I'll randomly select the winner and announce on the blog next Friday (April 2)
What is your best portion control tip?Mine is specific to lunch and breakfast, when I am typically by myself, working from home: rather than scarf my food computer-side (which I did for years), I stop what I'm doing, put my meal on a pretty plate, and spend a minimum of 10 minutes eating and enjoying.
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