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Eat Rosemary for a Healthy Brain

Posted by Shez B.

Recent studies have now confirmed what the Greeks knew long ago. Rosemary contains an ingredient that fights off free radical damage in the brain.

This active ingredient, known as carnosic acid (CA), can protect the brain from stroke and neuro-degeneration that is due to toxins and free radicals are thought to be one of the contributors to stroke and conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Researched published in both The Journal of Neurochemistry and Nature Reviews Neuroscience, has revealed that CA activates a signaling pathway that protects brain cells from the free radical damage.

Rosemary is believed to prevent normal brain aging and keep the brain youthful and sharp. This tasty herb is also thought to improve memory.

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I have been growing rosemary in my windowbox! Man, it's a hardy plant. I have been doing NOTHING -- I forgot about it for months -- and it's still going gangbusters. But this winter rosemary is strongly flavored, almost pine-like. If you have fresh rosemary, a little goes a long way in cooking. But a healthy brain? I will be plucking off more!
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