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Easy simple Italian recipe: Keeping food safe and clean

Posted Mar 11 2010 7:32am
Oh help have got ants in my kitchen, learning to practice hygiene and food safety is the only way to keep animals from our kitchens and keep our selves safe from diseases. If you already have ants and cockroaches then sorry but you need some resources out there like the guide to killing red fire ants etc. These animals carry harmful bacteria that can spread throughout the kitchen and get onto cutting boards, utensils, and counter tops hence spreading diseases to you and family

How to prevent bacteria and disease.

Observe good personal hygiene before and during the preparation, serving or eating of food, avoid cross contamination between raw and cooked food for example the meat by storing them separately.
Others include keeping the kitchen clean and tidy at all times and encouraging the children to wash their hands before they eat or drink.

There are more to these the golden rules are keeping food in the right temperatures, cooking food properly, separating raw and cooked foods and keeping kitchen surroundings clean and dry and last washing hands and drying all times.
Remember too when cooking to observe cooking temperatures especially meats make sure you cook at 160° and above.

These are some ideas you can always find wealth of information in this topic from the internet. Do not say you were not told or did not know.

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