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Easy Potato Chip Cookie Recipe

Posted Jun 03 2009 4:45pm

Easy Potato Chip Cookie Recipe

I love trying new recipes, especially other people’s favorites. This potato chip cookie recipe is from by Mom’s friend Dotty.  My mom is helping me collect favorite cookie recipes from her friends for my cookie website

This potato chip cookie recipe was one of the first we received.  Dotty got the recipe from her cousin several years ago and usually makes them at Christmas.

I’ve seen potato chip cookie recipes before perusing through old cookbooks, but had never made or tasted them before getting this recipe. Before beginning to bake, I did a little research comparing a few recipes from old community cookbooks and on the web.

Most potato chip cookie recipes call for pecans, but Dotty’s version just says, nuts. I used macadamia nuts to keep them “Mac friendly.”  I am sure either pecans or walnuts would be great. Some called for 2 cups of flour instead of 1 1/2 while others included an egg.

Many potato chip cookie recipes direct you to press the balls of cookie dough with a heavy-bottomed glass dipped in sugar on the cookie sheet before baking.  Dotty suggests you flatten the balls of cookie dough slightly with the back of a fork and sprinkle them with confectioner’s sugar while still warm.  After trying both methods, I think I like Dotty’s way best.  It’s a bit simpler and I’m all about that.

Be sure to use real butter.  In a recipe with so few ingredients, the flavor you get with butter is really important. These spread a bit more than I would have liked so am going to increase the flour to 2 cups in my next batch, which is what several of my favorite baking sources, including Fine Cooking, suggest.

Dotty’s Potato Chip Cookie Recipe

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