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Easy Pancake Recipe

Posted Aug 25 2013 5:22am

Pancake is really versatile and delightful brunch. It is a smooth and soft dessert that everybody likes. Pancake is easy to prepare and delicious to possess. We can eat pancake at any time as a breakfast, lunch, dinner, for your meal too.

The question arise here is How to prepare a pancake. Pancakes are easiest way to make days feel special. One can’t facilitate however smile as they bite into a pile of flossy, pillow-like cakes that are created with a shower of sweetening. It is very easy to prepare a pancake that suit to your taste and also calorie consumption if needed. Really, they are perfect with this Recipe you can make any type of pancake by adding flavour.

I and my family really love pancake with my guidelines you can make different type of pancakes with delicious filling, stuffing with juices. Here I share one of my favourite pancake recipes. This is really yummy and delicious. You just need to follow my guidelines completely and I can assure you that you can prepare Pancake of yourself as you needed.

Here is the complete Recipe to prepare Blue Berry Blue corn Pancake. Hope you liked it.

Ingredients used to prepare Pancake:

Bowls for compounding


Frying pan





Lemon juice : 4 tsp

2 cups Milk , 1 Cup Blue cornmeal

1 cup: All purpose flour , 1/2 cup :Whole wheat flour

2 tbsp: Brown sugar ,  2 tsp : Baking powder

1/2 tsp : Baking soda  , 1/2 tsp : Salt  

Eggs : 2 extra large , 3 tbsp : Melted butter

Butter or oil for the griddle



Whisk along the juice and dairy products and set it aside to curdle and become thick.

Put together all the ingredients baking powder, sugar, flours, baking soda and salt.

Take another bowl for mixing milk, eggs and butter. Beat it until wet ingredients convert into dry.

We need a fry pan for preparing pancake and heat over medium heat. Put ½ tsp in fry pan and mix up your Blue corn batter onto the fry pan and put blue berries & place on the top.

Cook it for one or two minutes and when you see bubbles it is signed to flip.

When bubbles come out cook it for an additional minute, and then take it away from fry pan.

Add small amount of vanilla flavour for batter taste.

Strive adding ingredients to your batter rather than topping your pancakes with them.

If you would like to add more sweet taste, add countless sugar, add some chocolate flavour and honey.

Cover the fry pan with towel, wait for some time and it is ready to serve.



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