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Easy Indian Cooking

Posted May 01 2013 3:33pm

I’m going to make a bold statement here and say that Indian food is the new Italian. It’s everywhere! And that’s a magnificent thing, because Indian cuisine is fresh, flavorful, and features a bevy of spices and veggies. In Suneeta’s thoughtful book, she not only includes recipes of every category (my favorites are the ones that fall under the rubric of “street food”), but she also provides home cooks with thorough descriptions of ingredients. You’ll already be familiar with many; a handful may represent a new culinary adventure, like fenugreek or mango powder. I’ve been a fan of fenugreek for years, for example, yet I hadn’t realized that the leaves are also eaten. That’s a tongue trip I’d like to go on!

Along with 150 recipes, Suneeta also welcomes us into her kitchen by offering tips and tricks of her native cuisine, such as how to handle coconuts and how to coax the most flavor out of spices. (Tip: toasting works for more than just nuts and bread!) And with such a wide variety of recipes, everyone’s taste buds will be happy: vegetarians, meat eaters, gluten-free folks, wheat fans, you name it. And for those of us who enjoy seafood, bet you didn’t think Indian dishes showcased so much shrimp and fish! The only thing that sounds better than sauteed shrimp is Spicy Sweet-and-Sour Shrimp. This summer is going to be much tastier thanks to Suneeta’s lush-but-simple recipes.

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