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Easy Homemade Rye Bread

Posted Feb 14 2013 3:12pm
on by healthymama

When most people think of homemade rye bread, they rarely think of the word “easy.” The 100%  rye bread I now bake 2-3 times of week really is easy to make! It is based on the famous slightly sweet Russian rye bread, called Borodinsky.

I had found  a wonderful Borodinsky recipe on a Russian website, but in order to make it workable I had to change some proportions and instructions, remove wheat flour and write all the measurements in cups. The final result is hearty, chewy rye bread with a warm hard crust.

The recipe asks for rye malt. You can buy rye malt in my amazon store. Put your rye malt in the bread dough as is. Do not grind it in your blender . I have ground it once only to make a bad loaf of bread.

If you want to use maple syrup instead of the brown sugar, you can. Just reduce the overall amount of water by half a cup.

Sprinkling this bread with water is very important. Sprinkle rather generously, unless you like to eat dry heavy bricks. I sprinkle the bread right before it goes in the oven and then again, 15 minutes later. Close the oven’s door gently after you sprinkle the bread: you don’t want it to fall, because you slammed the door.

The loaf pan you bake your bread in is important. The loaf pan from your supermarket ( the $7 variety) may disappoint you, as no matter how much you’d oil it, the bread will stick to it. I use a $37 loaf pan from Williams Sonoma, which I bought after a few unsuccessful experiments with my $7 loaf pan.

To bake the bread, you’d need this easy rye starter . If you order your rye malt today and start the starter at the same time, you’d probably be ready to bake in 3 days.

I like to use whole coriander seeds, as they give out more aroma than the powder. You can use powdered coriander, however, in which case you’d only need 1/4 cup of it. You can also omit it, if you don’t like coriander.

Do not eat this bread hot out of the oven! It won’t taste right and will be too sticky and gooey. It needs to rest for an hour in order for all the flavors to develop.

For yeast powder, I like to use Bob’s Red Mill yeast powder , because it’s organic and contains no additives, unlike the other brands’ yeast.

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