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Don't Get Hit By the Pots and Pans

Posted by Heather J.

Reports are swirling on the potential dangers of using pots and pans. Not as weapons, although that might cause some serious harm (!), but as cooking utensils that purportedly seep metal into our food. Recent studies confirm that most metal cookware doesn’t leech harmful chemicals, but nonstick pans might yield different results. Nonstick pan coating (Teflon) contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) that’s considered a “likely carcinogen” by the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, studies suggest PFOA can cause cancer in animals and might be hazardous to humans. While EPA officials give Teflon the official ok for cooking, it’s wise to stay in a ventilated area when using nonstick cookware, don’t let pots and pans get so hot that the coating breaks down, because this releases fumes that can cause flu-like symptoms and possibly kill house pets and birds. Also, don’t use pans that have started flaking, which can cause even higher emissions.

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Thanks for the post. It's the price we pay for convenience that brings toxins to the environment and bodies. Thanks for the reminder. Teflon is all to convenient.
2. I use iron pots for cooking vegetables sometimes because part of the iron goes into the vegetable as well. I am surprised to know the damage these pans can do. Sometimes, deciding how to live healthy becomes so overwhelming because what is good becomes dangerous. It is like one day it is healthy, the next day it is not. I liked non-stick because they used less oil.
You use non-stick pans so you use less oil, which is bad for you, but then the pans themselves are dangerous. So then you use the microwave instead but that's supposedly dangerous too. Maybe we need to just go eat raw vegetables directly from the garden or something...ahh...well, we all do have to die of something eventually so I guess at some point you gotta live and stop worrying about every little thing. :-)
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