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Doing it YOUR Way: A Nutrition Program in Your Own Style

Posted Apr 06 2010 12:00am

As I get ready to launch my Body by Body Metabolic Typing® Program , I’m reminded of a survey I sent out for my mindful eating students last fall. At first, I thought the survey was skewed: I couldn’t figure out why I had three even piles of data with no average reading. How could a third of the participants say that the program’s pacing was perfect, the middle third say they wanted to pick up the pace, and the final third say they could use a whole year to take in all the information?

Just as I was about to toss the baby out with the bathwater, I realized that this is the very nature of Metabolic Typing: we’re all wired differently.

Not only do we require different foods and supplements to match our diverse body types, each of us have varying systems in place for mental capacity, pacing and energy expenditure. It’s no surprise that the participants, depending upon their own unique metabolisms, needed to do the program at their own pace and in their own unique way.

The answer to this quandary is simple: Just allow it to be. So I designed an efficient, yet flexible and self-paced Metabolic Typing program where participants can “do it their way”, in their own time. We’ve heard it said that some people are more visual in nature, some are more intuitive, and others are more analytical. To meet these needs, my program has a “multi-media” format, where participants learn from various modalities.

There’s no one answer as to what’s the best way to learn; that’s individual. But when there’s a multi-modality approach that utilizes written word, spoken word, pictures and an experiential, mindful quality, a powerful process happens within the body-mind to retain that information.

Below are a few body-type scenarios looking at the different ways one might need go about a diet plan, exercise strategy or nutrition program. Which one fits you? For participants in my Body by Body Metabolic Typing® Program , I’ve listed my recommendations on how to implement the protocol to best meet your unique needs.

The “Change Me Slowly” Type

Firstly, try not to be daunted with all the files and folders of information that you’ll get right at the beginning. It’s not meant to be digested all up front. Start simply by just organizing the information into a folder and skimming the resources so you know where to look later for relevant information. Breathe, and respect the fact that you’ve started on a lifelong health journey.

As far as the diet, just try eating the foods on your Allowable Foods List for the first two weeks. First make the effort at breakfast for a few days. Then try adding in lunch, then dinner only when it feels comfortable and non-stress-inducing to do so. There’s no such thing as “getting behind” when you make a lifelong commitment to health.

Listen to any audios or video as many times as needed before moving on to the next.

The “Let’s Get it On” Type

The first thing you’ll want to do is print and memorize your Allowable Foods List so you can have all the foods you like stocked in your kitchen and ready to eat. You’ll also want to get going straight away on getting your ratios of carbs to fats to proteins right for you. Use the guidelines in your workbook and the video for your specific diet plan to start; and then once you’ve listened to the audio, Finding Your Macro-Nutrient Ratios, you can further fine-tune. Use your diet logs right from the get-go to fine-tune. Fine-tuning is the crux of this program.

After settling into the food for a few days, begin to organize your binder. Print out all materials so they are at easy reach when you need an answer to a pressing question.

If you’re the “crash and burn” Sympathetic or Fast-Oxidizer type, remember that this is a lifelong program and it’s not about winning the race to health. This comes through time, perseverance and patience.

The “I Need a Plan” Type

Start by opening the files one by one and printing the documents. Make a quick errand to get a binder and all suggested organizational materials. Having the physical element of an organized binder in front of you will give you confidence and keep your mind busy.

Open the 150-Recipe and Diet Planning Cookbook (available to program participants). Read through my sample “type-specific” diet plans, and after choosing several recipes that look good to you, create a menu plan for the first week. Create a shopping list and ground a time to do the shopping and recipe prep. Utilize left-overs for the next day’s breakfast or lunch.

Follow the suggested week-by-week pace, taking it one day – and one week – at a time.

The “Don’t Box Me In” Type

You might like to sneak a peak at what’s to come. Feel free to preview any of the audios, videos or written material. Just make sure to come back to it in detail when the time comes.

You may be tempted to give yourself more freedom with your Foods List. I recommend that you stick pretty closely to the guidelines, especially at first. Use your sense of adventure to try new foods on your list that you rarely or have never used before. The fine-tuning process to this approach is nearly endless and can be as detailed as you want it to be. If you get bored with your foods, focus on fine-tuning your ratios and note any subtle reactions. Eating the foods on your list will help you feel more grounded.

Remember that this is a process and that your foods list is not forever. Once your metabolism balances, you’ll be able to enjoy a wider variety of foods and metabolize them efficiently.

Make sure to have your favorite foods stocked in your kitchen at all times, so you can get creative and make improvisational dishes. Use the cookbook and menu plans as guidelines only.

The Body by Body Program is an online course with an on-going registration. Start anytime, go at your own pace, and complete it in your own style.

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