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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cook Eggplant?

Posted by Kristy V.

Does anyone have any great eggplant recipes? Also, what would you compare eggplant too? I would really like to try it, but have no clue how I should go about spicing it, grilling it, baking it- serve with what? etc. Any suggestions will help!
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Here is a good recipe for grilling eggplant, another for a Baba ghanoush from one of our members and some good nutrition info. Eggplant is very similar to zucchini, so even simply lightly buttering a plan and heating them up with a dash of salt tastes great. Be creative and try various spices depending on what you like.

My favorite recipe is here:,,FOOD_9936_37342,00.html

I hope you will enjoy it too!

I make Russian stuffed eggplant, which you can find the basic recipe in any Russian cookbook. Basically, you are cutting them in half, scooping the insides out and salting them, parboiling the skins, Chopping up the meat and adding whatever you like, such as chopped cheese, nuts, mushrooms, bread crumbs, herbs. You then refill the skins and bake them.
I use website to look up recipes. They are usually from just average people posting how they cook. Not all the recipes are good, but it usually gives me ideas. Hopes this helps!

Thanks everybody! I am going to look into all of the recipes that you have been suggesting. I'll probably start with the Russian Stuffed Eggplant... that sounds great!

The only way I can eat eggplant is diced into 1" cubes and grilled with peppers, squash, zuchinni, and whatever other veggies I feel like eating. You can roast them in a pan with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Even better is cooking them on the BBQ in a grilling pan. Oh baby! Mmmm.
Here's the thing - you need to make sure that eggplant is really cooked.  Unlike most vegetables, undercooked eggplant is gross.  One of my favorite ways to cook it is to cut it in half, wrap it in foil, and place it in a hot oven until squishy, say 400 degrees for 30 minutes (depending on the size of your eggplant).  Now that's it's all soft and delicious you can drizzle it with a little sesame oil, salt, rice vinegar and sesame seeds or maybe a sweet miso dressing or use it in another recipe.  

excellent answer. I'll try it that way!! :-)


I stick the eggplant with a fork so it doesn't explode ( that happened to my oven!) First the skin expands and then the air goes out and the eggplant separates from the skin. Then it deflates like an old balloon. I then take em' out of the oven lay them on a plate cut a hole in the bottom of the eggplant and let the bitter juice drip out. Then I let it cool a bit peel and put into the fridge. I make a THICK tahini sauce  and add it to the eggplant. I ate that a couple of days after a long fast and I tell you it was UNBELIEVABLE (Harry met Sally) DELICIOUS.

But of course the eggplant must be firm and ready and high quality.

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