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Different Kinds of Healthy

Posted by Lis S.

A lot of people confuse "healthy eating" with "low-fat or low-calorie eating." You can eat a low calorie diet full of preservatives, nitrates and pesticides and low in essential nutrients. If losing weight is your only goal, then this is fine. Although I doubt you'll feel very satisfied. For me, health means a lot more than just my weight. I like to eat high quality, whole, organic foods as often as possible. I find that if I make sure to eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables, focus on whole grains and organic, natural, unprocessed foods, I feel healthy and maintain my weight. This way I don't have to restrict myself. I'm just not very hungry for a gallon of cheap ice cream if I've eaten well all day. Just a small scoop of pure, all natural ice cream does the trick, and it's much yummier, too! Doesn't this ingredient list seeme like a good thing: cream, sugar, vanilla. Yum.
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