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Dessert Sushi Cures Me

Posted Aug 18 2010 12:00am

It’s time that I reveal to you my BIGGEST phobia.  No, it’s not something practical like flying or spiders or natural disasters.  At least people with those fears can try to stay away from those in their everyday lives.. But no, I happen to be scared of something I see everyday, all the time just walking around on the streets. They are seriously EVERYWHERE!

If you haven’t guessed yet (What? You couldn’t get it from my fantastic clues?), the answer is… BIRDS.  I seriously hate birds more than anything in my life.  If you are laughing, this is a pretty serious issue for me.  It’s the crazy flapping of the wings that gets me and NYC isn’t the best place to live if you want to avoid birds flying at your face trying to kill you, especially those disgusting pigeons.

AHHH! Get it AWAY!

I kid you not, I have crossed the street to walk on the other side when I saw a flock of pigeons in front of me on the sidewalk.  I’m honestly not sure where this fear came from but I think it has to do with the fact that my own mother let me watch that god-awful horror movie, The Birds, when I was 6.  It’s literally about birds attacking and killing people..  Did I mention that I was 6?  Thanks, mom.

I’m talking about this because I had a bird freakout experience today walking home from work.  A pigeon came out of nowhere and flew up in my face.  I saw my life passing before my eyes and I screamed.  Lucky for me, there were tons of people near me and they all turned to stare and laugh.  It’s okay, I made it out alive. This happens to me a few times a month, but usually I see the bird before the attack so I’m prepared NOT make a complete ass out of myself like today. Sigh.


When I got home I made dinner but it was pretty lame.  I was feeling lazy so I just put together a hummus wrap which fell apart so I didn’t feel that it was photo worthy.

My dessert was another story.  I decided on one of my favorite snacks, PB&J Sushi, to make myself feel better after my “incident.”  Here’s how it’s put together..

PB&J Sushi

1. Take out a wrap of your choice.  I used Joseph’s Lavash Bread .

I always pre-cut the slices in half (1 serving=1/2 slice) when I first buy these to save time

2. Choose your favorite nut butter.  PB2 was what I used today.

TIP: When making PB2, use applesauce instead of water and it’ll be much creamier and tastier.  You’ll thank me later ;)

3. Spread out the peanut butter on to the wrap.

4. Use any jam or jelly that you are in the mood for and spread on top of the peanut butter.  I used my homemade microwave jam, made with fresh blueberries and white sugar.  I just mix the 2 ingredients together and nuke it til it gets nice and thick.

Oh, while you are at it, sprinkle on some cinnamon.  You won’t regret it.

5. Roll, roll, roll it up!

6. Slice up your “sushi roll” into mini slices and put them in a pretty bowl.

That’s it!  Simple enough, no? And if you REALLY know how to eat sushi, you must use chopsticks!

Being a good Asian and making my ancestors proud.

Yummy!  And it really did make me feel better.  :)

Gonna finish Top Chef and head to bed. Good night everyone!

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