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Dear Oprah, Please Send Me Your Chef

Posted by Lela D.

I was so excited to hear that Oprah was going on a 21-day vegan cleanse! And blogging about it to boot - Go O! I was all stoked to get inspired by Oprah and maybe, possibly, it-could-happen, I would embark upon my own deep cleanse. Then I started reading her blog.

It turns out it's not so easy to go vegan, but then it sort of is - if you have a FULL TIME PERSONAL CHEF! Okay... I'm better now. The thing is that most of us can barely throw together a half decent salad on a regular basis, not to mention whipping up a delicious portobello burger or whatever it is that makes you think you're eating real food while subsisting on vegetables and happy thoughts.

But I want to be good, I do. So please, Oprah, if you're listening - please send me your chef!

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My sentiments exactly, Lela. More power to the people who have time to do this, but realistically, going on any sort of detox diet and balancing a hectic schedule without any help is kind of a huge challenge. Sadly, there are many timese when I go to work with a crappy sandwich because I simply don't have the time to prepare anything more elaborate. :(


I went to a nutritionist once and went on a 3 week cleanse. I'm not going to lie - it was a lot of work. Whey smoothies, dressingless salads, and steamed veggies for 3 weeks... I often had to bring my meals with me on the go. But it was worth it.

And as much as I love Oprah and am inspired by her as a person, she isn't one I would look to for long-term healthy and sustainable weight loss!

I know what you mean Lela. It would be nice to have more time and energy to devote to feeding ourselves well. I'm not sure a chef is the answer since it keeps us disconnected from what we are eating.

There is a lot of power in learning how to plan, shop, cook and eat well and after a lifetime of struggle I've come to believe that the slow gradual dietary changes are the ones that work best. I've done the cleanses and radical changes but most of it never stuck.

The start small approach is what has finally worked for me. I try to make sure I eat at least one serving of leafy greens and one serving of whole grains a day, take my pooch on a walk and try to get spend 20 minutes on my yoga mat. It's amazing what this can do for you. Then any and all additional healthy things I do are considered a bonus.

Good points all around. I agree that small changes over time are the best way to go, but sometimes you just want a kick in the pants!
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