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De-Clutter Your Magazine Rack {28 Days to De-Clutter}

Posted Feb 19 2013 11:46pm
Yesterday we did some digital organization , but today it’s back to the real physical world. Today we’re going to de-clutter the magazine rack! If you’re keeping up with these challenges, join our  28 Days to De-Clutter Facebook Event page  and share your excitement with the rest of us as you accomplish each task! If you’re just joining us now, you can .

I have a love-hate relationship with magazines. I love that they’re up to the minute and written in short bits of information that I can process when I have short bits of time. I hate that I only have short bits of time to read them, resulting in a towering stack of magazines that I forget to read until they’re a year old. And then they’re no longer up to the minute, which kind of totally ruins the point.

So consequently, I’m really strict with myself about subscribing. Currently, I’m subscribed to two magazines (the ones you see above) – one my mother gave to me as a gift, and the other was super cheap (less than $5 I think). That’s pretty much the max I can handle, and some months, that’s even pushing it! I’ve had to come up with a system that keeps the magazines from stacking up and cluttering my living space. If you struggle with this, today’s challenge will really help you!

Set your timer for 10 minutes, and…


The first thing you’re going to need to do is determine the best place to keep your magazines. For me, that’s the bathroom. I’m not kidding! It’s seriously the only place where I actually have time to read a page or two before I hear The Boys wreaking havoc in the next room and have to cut my business short. So each of our bathrooms has a place specifically designated for magazines, and that is where we keep them.

The best place for you to keep magazines is probably where you read them. Is that on the living room sofa? Maybe you should set up a basket or magazine rack next to the couch. In bed before you turn off the light? Then you’ll want to keep them near or on your nightstand. Think about where you are most likely to read your magazines and stack them up there. 

Now go through your stack and get rid of any magazines that are hopelessly outdated (wrong season, wrong year) and/or that you have already read. If there was something you wanted to clip from the magazine, rip it out and set it aside to deal with in a moment. Keep only the magazines you really want to read and have time to read. 

Now take the clippings you want to keep. Before you stash them somewhere, creating even more clutter, check out the magazine’s online version and see if you can pin the article on Pinterest. I find that 60-75% of the time, I’m able to pin recipes and crafts from the online version of the magazine. Some magazines are a little more protective of their material and it’s not that easy, so if you still like the idea of digital storage, consider scanning your clippings and saving them on your computer that way. If all else fails, create a binder to contain all your magazine clippings so that you don’t generate anymore unnecessary clutter.

Ready for more? Read on! De-Cluttered Magazines

If you completed today’s 10-minute task, I’d love to hear about it! Tell me all about it – and show me a picture – on the 28 Days to De-Clutter Facebook Event page . Bloggers can grab the badge below and write a post – I’ll link to it in my next post and pin it to my 28 Days to De-Clutter Pinterest Board , and share on Facebook and Twitter.  And everyone can join in on the Twitter conversation by using the hashtag #28daystodeclutter .

Clutter-Free in 28 Days!

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