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Dancing Queen!!…

Posted Mar 19 2013 6:43am

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday!  I can tell that this week is going to go much slower than last week did.  Yesterday went by so incredibly slow!  We didn’t end up getting the snow that they had predicted.  It was quite disappointing.  I think we are not going to get a snowstorm this winter especially since spring officially starts tomorrow.  That is a shame.  I really wanted at least one storm.  There is always next year, I suppose.

Anyway, for dinner last night, we decided to finish up the rotisserie chicken.  I was excited to have it again after dealing with the fiasco we had to deal with when getting it.

Rotisserie Chicken with roasted string beans and homemade sweet potato fries

Rotisserie Chicken with roasted string beans and homemade sweet potato fries

Mike did a really good job with slicing the sweet potato fries.  They had the perfect fry consistency and looked like they were from a bag.  I was quite impressed. I do have to say that I like the flavor of sweet potato fries a lot.  I like sweet potatoes as a whole and I don’t eat them nearly enough than I should.  I’m really looking forward to having Shepard’s Pie again tonight.  We have a lot of that leftover.  We wanted to rotate days of Shepard’s Pie and the chicken.  Now that the chicken is done, I’m assuming we will be eating a lot of the leftovers of the pie for the next few days.  That is fine by me.  I love it.

Last night was the premiere of Dancing with the Stars.  I haven’t watched that show for the past two seasons because I didn’t like anyone on the show.  I was really excited to watch last night because of Kellie Pickler, Sean Lowe and Lisa Vanderpump!

I was shocked when I noticed a guy from General Hospital dancing on the show.  I didn’t think I knew who he was and then I looked at him more closely and heard his voice and I remember watching him on GH when I was little!  My mom was obsessed with GH back in the day and we would always watch it.  So I grew up watching him on the show.  It was interesting to see him dance.

I thought there were some good performances and then some that were just beyond the point of terrible.  I think the worst dancer of the night had to be DL Hugely.  I was kind of shocked by that to be honest with you.  I thought he would have been a better dancer than he was.  My beloved Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t very good either but I think she will be on the show for a long time because of her fan base, with me included.

I would like to watch the whole season this time.  I just hope it can keep my attention.  I sometimes find myself getting bored with watching it.  I actually used to dance back in the day.  When I was younger, I started off taking ballet.  I was EXTREMELY shy when I was little so being in a ballet class made me so uncomfortable.  I remember my first dance recital, I think I was four years old and my mom was pregnant with Melissa.  I remember her and my grandparents coming back stage trying to persuade me to come out and dance.  I was so scared.  I think I finally decided to go out and do the dance but after that I begged and cried not to do ballet anymore.

Years later, I got involved in singing and acting.  Go figure, the shy girl singing and acting in front of people.  I know.  I started taking tap lessons and some jazz.  I absolutely fell in love with tap.  There is something about the tap shoes and the clicks and the dances.  I loved it so much.  I continued doing tap while  I was away at college with private lessons.  I just couldn’t get enough of tap.  I was that girl who got up really early in the morning one day a week to go to the gym or the theater with my tap teacher for lessons.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  Tap is the one form of dance that I miss.  There is nothing like putting on a pair of tap shoes and tapping away.

Have you ever taken dance?  Do you still take dance?  Would you ever go back and take a dance class if you could?  What type of dance do you wish you took?

I sometimes wish that I would have stuck by ballet.  I watch the show Bunheads and I love how beautiful ballet looks and I love pointe shoes.  I wish I would have tried harder and stuck with it because I think I probably would have ended up liking it.

Alright, well have a lovely Tuesday!

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