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Crown Maple Syrup Review

Posted Jul 05 2011 8:56pm
I always thought maple syrup was pretty much the same.  Boy, was I wrong!    Crown Maple Syrup  sent me a bottle of their syrup to sample and then share my experience with you.  I got an education in maple syrup and I have fallen in love with a new product!

Crown Maple Syrup was born when Robb and Lydia Turner bought land in Dutchess County, N.Y intending it to be used as a family retreat.  They discovered they had a forest full of pristine sugar and red maple trees and began producing pure, high quality maple syrup.  

Crown Maple Syrup is an organic syrup, family produced using sustainable harvesting practices.  I love that it is a small, family run company and, of course, I love that the syrup is organic.

The process used to make Crown Maple Syrup is different and superior to the methods used by other maple syrup producers.   The sap is protected from prolonged exposure to heat, which can cause burning and carmelization, with a unique  reverse osmosis  machine (the only in the country) and a series of filters.  Honestly, I have no idea what reverse osmosis is, but what I do know is that Crown Maple Syrup is the best maple syrup I have ever tasted.  

I was given a sample of the Light Amber Syrup and I decided it would be fun to do a blind taste test with my family.  They each tried the brand I normally purchase and then the Crown Maple Syrup not knowing which was which.  Everyone agreed unanimously that Crown Maple Syrup was best.  I've had a lot of request for pancakes and waffles since.  

After visiting the  online store , I was surprised to see how affordable Crown Maple Syrup's prices are and excited that I can buy such a wonderful product at a comparable price to the brand I was using.  

For more information about Crown Maple Syrup and to purchase a bottle to see the delicious difference for yourself, please visit .

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