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Crispy Bean curd in Orange Sauce & Cheese - Pepper Terrine

Posted Sep 16 2009 10:11pm

Crispy Bean curd in Orange Sauce
( Lightly fried bean curd with a tangy sauce )

Serves: 2
Time required: 15 minutes


200 g soft bean curd
120 ml orange juice
35 ml oil
5 ml lemon juice
30 g sugar
35 g corn flour


Coat the bread curd lightly in corn flour and deep fry in oil till the surface of the bean curd becomes golden and crisp. Cut into pieces.

Heat orange and lemon juice together. Add the sugar and stir till it dissolves and the syrup becomes thick a bit.

Arrange the bean curd pieces on serving plate and pour the sauce over them. Serve hot.

Nutritive value of each serving - 337.0 kcal
proteins: 9.4 g
Fat: 22.4 g
Carbohydrates: 35.5 g

Cheese and Pepper Terrine
( Cheese and vegetable flavored with basil )

Serves: 4
Time required: 20 minutes plus refrigerating time


80 g mozzarella cheese
100 g green , red and yellow peppers
1 spring onion
50 g almonds, toasted
60 g green and purple spinach
140 ml olive oil
10 g basil leaves
Salt and pepper to taste


Rub the peppers with oil and roast or grill them till they blister all round. Place in a plastic bag and secure. Leave for 30 minutes. Slice the peppers.

Blanch basil for one minute. Remove from water and while still hot, put into a mixer with 120 ml olive oil to form a firm puree. Place in a muslin cloth and hung like a stocking, so oil can drip out.

To assemble, put alternate layers of peppers, cheese and seasoning in a large cake ring.

Fill to the top and press down firmly. Refrigerate for one hour. Reheat in the oven or microwave.Unmouldin the centre of a plate. Heat 20 ml oil and saute quickly. Add seasoning. place on top ofthemould. Put warmed spring onion on top of spinach. Sprinkle almonds over.

Nutritive value of each serving- 259.1kcal
proteins: 8.5 g
Carbohydrates: 7.0 g
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