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Creatively Caffeinated – 6 fun and yummy ways to use instant coffee

Posted Jul 02 2010 3:37am

By Ann Martin

How many ways can you think of to stay deliciously caffeinated this summer? These are a few of my favorites! If you love the flavor of coffee as much as I do, you’ll love these fun ways to get your fixed. Keep in mind, a flavored instant coffee of your choice can be substituted in any of these ideas!

Use instant coffee as a topping for ice cream or yogurt! I like to take vanilla bean ice cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, banana slices, and then I sprinkle the instant coffee on top. Delicious! This one is also great with sprinklings of cinnamon.

Creamy Coffee
Add your favorite instant coffee to a yogurt based blender creation for a homemade milkshake or smoothie. Experiment to determine your favorite recipe – I suggest adding the instant coffee to your blender with some soy milk, a few ice cubes, vanilla yogurt, and a banana. Or forget the yogurt and up the amount of milk and coffee, along with some vanilla extract or chocolate syrup for a blended coffee beverage!

Coffee Cake
Add your instant coffee to a favorite coffee cake recipe! This will give your dessert a yummy boost, and your guests will appreciate the creativity. Bring out your favorite little square dinnerware set and serve with real coffee at a breakfast meeting, or bring to the church picnic for a different spin on a traditional treat.

Coffee Cubes
Craving an icy treat but don’t want to blow your diet? Make your instant coffee, pour into ice cube trays, and insert toothpicks if you like. You’ll have your own coffee ice pop, or simply use as an ice cube in a delicious beverage!

Coffee Cookies
Fewer flavors go better together than coffee and chocolate. Like the coffee cake idea, add instant coffee to chocolate chip cookie batter, or brownie mix for a delectable and energizing treat. Serve on your favorite dinnerware at next week’s dinner party, or toss them on a paper plate with tin foil at your next summer picnic.

Instant Iced Coffee
Make your iced coffee at double strength (more coffee, less water) and then let it sit until it becomes room temperature. Pour over ice and add milk or sugar if you wish! What you would have paid $2.25 for elsewhere you’ve just made at less than half the price.

Use these ideas as a springboard and then add your own! Happy taste testing!

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