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Creamy Tuna-Loaded Sweet Potato Skins {and a Cookbook Giveaway}

Posted Nov 16 2012 7:30am
So when I heard from my girlfriend at Our Tiny Place about an  Indian Baby Food book  review and giveaway, you know I was curious enough to take the challenge.

Now I did have my concerns, trust me. I mean, her book is based on baby and youth food and with me not having children of my own {yet}, what was I going to be really interested in that I would like? More importantly, what you would be interested in reading about?

But that was also part of the fun, and the challenge

I am a huge fan of spices obviously, so while poking around Zainab's book I found so many "superfoods" and spices that I never knew were so good for me.

Garlic, of course I eat it and I know it's healthy.

Ginger, as mom taught me growing up, is good for easing your stomach. Insert "real ginger" in ginger ale, especially when I was sick.

But did you know that basil, coriander, nutmeg and even black pepper are also superspices? These, along with a bunch of others, are all perfectly integrated in all the recipes that are shown here in this cookbook and why they are all "superspices" when it comes to our bodies and the bodies of our little ones.

Total time: 10mins  
Yields: 2 servings  
1 medium sweet potato  — scrubbed, washed, pricked all around   
3¼oz (90g) tinned tuna (in spring water) - drained  
1 tbsp full fat cream cheese   
Pinch of ground black pepper  
Pinch of dried mixed herbs (optional; I used chives) 
Place the sweet potato in the microwave and cook on high for 6-7mins until tender to the touch. Once cooled (but still warm enough to melt the cream cheese), cut the potato in half lengthways, scoop out the flesh and place it in a bowl.  

Flake in the tuna and add the cream cheese, black pepper, and mixed herbs. Combine and mash all of the ingredients together whilst ensuring some soft lumps have been left. Spoon the mixture back into the jackets if you wish, although it is not essential (I like to do this because it makes the meal look nicer). Serve to baby warm.  

Photos by A Healthy Jalapeño 
Recipe by  Zainab Jagot Ahmed 

Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook
by Zainab Jagot Ahmed

This book has so many delicious and healthy options for your babies, toddlers (and grown-ups) ... and the really exciting news is that I am giving away two e-copies... which means you can download it to your iPad, iPhone, PC, laptop, Kindle, or Android phone! So is accessible to EVERYONE!"This book has every last detail that you could possibly need to know about the appropriate ways to cook for your baby, plus 60 recipes for babies 7 months and up.Enter below for your chance to win.
Good Luck!

Can't wait and want to buy the book?
You can find Zainab's book on  and

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