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Cream of Asparagus Soup

Posted Jun 04 2008 6:03pm
There was a tag on the organic asparagus. It said cream of asparagus soup and I thought, I've never made that! The tag sat on the counter for weeks. This last grocery shop I bought a stunning orange tomato. Normally I don't buy hothouse or tomatoes off season, instead I inhale them once they are coming off my backyard vine, but this was an only lonely orange tomato and it reminded me of a salad I once had with marinated grilled asparagus and manchego cheese - and so I made that salad this last week. With the spare asparagus I made this soup!

I don't know about your kids but mine have decided that soup sucks and that they hate it. Lovely. I still make soup because I absolutely love it. They usually groan. Perhaps you remember as a child asking your mom what was for dinner? It was the highlight of my day - what were we going to eat? If my mom was making ham, my day would be completely ruined and she was making ham on purpose to ruin my day. When my daughter asks me what's for dinner perhaps she too has a bit of that oh yummy anticipation or dread

When she asked me the other day and I said Cream of Asparagus Soup she said yummy, mom - I love creamed soups! Who knew!!

The funniest part is when I served the first bowl - I had forgotten to put the cream in! It was still delicious. But the second bowl, being that it was supposed to be cream of asparagus was superb.

Let's talk for a moment about forgetting things. Because its happening to me alot lately. I am not going to bore you with the stress around here, but I am in over my head with it. It has to be the cause of my distractedness. I just wonder when I completely lose it who's going to help me along my way. It's a tad frightening.

Take 2 T of butter, and chopped onion - 1/2 was plenty, I actually used 1T butter and 1 T of olive oil. Simmer for 3 minutes and add 2 T of flour - slowly add 4 cups of soup stock - I used chicken. Stir to thicken. Add a lb of asparagus, chopped into 2 inch pieces and simmer for 20 minutes covered. Put in the blender in batches. Add 1/2 cup cream, salt and pepper to taste.

I meant to add parsley to this, forgot and I meant to add some marigold petals as nadine suggested, I forgot.

I think fennel instead of onion or even leek would be quite a lovely taste treat. If you can remember to pick some up that is.

gleaming asparagus flickr image credit

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