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Craving what you know. Pear-Ginger Smoothie.

Posted Apr 21 2010 12:00am


I wonder which foods my children will remember from their childhood? Sometimes I think they will complain about their mother who forced them to eat all sorts of "weird" and healthy foods. However, my sincere hope is that someday they feel grateful for their exposure to varying tastes, textures, and the overall virtue of nutritious food.

When I reflect on my own upbringing, it's with an ever clearer understanding of the intent behind the food I was served. I was raised on a fairly healthy and wholesome diet---- fresh and home-canned produce from our large garden, farm eggs, and a healthy dose (pun intended) of vitamins, health advice, and snake oils (from my grandmother).

When I recently took a spoonful of flaxseed oil (Omega 3s!), I was transported to my grandmother's kitchen as she opened her old refrigerator and gave me a spoonful of olive oil (was it olive oil? I hope so!).

I also remember my mom's concoctions of wheat germ in whole milk, given to me when I was becoming too skinny, or feeling under the weather. There was also that smoothie she used to make----- as a child I choked it down, but I would probably welcome it now. Once again, wheat germ there was wheat germ in it.

There are some revolting memories, such as eating liver on (what seemed like) a regular occasion. To this day, the thought of liver makes my stomach turn a little.Or a lot.

But on the whole, I believe I am healthy and I crave nutritious food as an adult because of my upbringing. I was exposed to fresh vegetables and homemade food throughout my childhood and I crave those things today. I worked in our large garden and witnessed the growth of life and sustenance at the most basic level.

Yes, I revolted against many of the healthy things I was given as a child, but I'm glad my parents and elders forced me to try them. I'm glad I can do the same thing for my own children, even when it's met with a whole lot of resistance...



As I gather information for a large research paper (for college) on the effects on a child's' behavior and academics due to diet and food choices, I am finding more and more information related to my earlier post on School lunches . If you have not read the comments from that post, please do---- they are insighful. 

I also added a whole slew of links relating to that issue--- including an article about the health and safety of the meat our national lunch program uses , a new Food Corps program , and the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 making its way through congress. Do check those links out! 

If you have any helpful information on how specific food choices affect childrens' behavior (perhaps your own child?) please contact me!


Lastly, I whipped up a refreshing smoothie with a bit of that Ginger juice .


Pear-Ginger Smoothie

1 ripe and juicy organic Pear, rinsed and cored

Juice of one lime

1 C. water

2 T. (or more, depending on taste) Ginger juice

pinch of cinnamon

In a blender (Vita-mix) , blend all ingredients. Serves 1. Enjoy!

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