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cooking versus raw.

Posted by E M.

Is there a resource I can find about the value of nutrients a food has when it is raw and then cooked. Having a tough time eating some vegetables raw and if I know that the loss of nutrients is negligible when cooking it would help tremendously.
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I've also heard this, but I think as long as you are getting your veggie (not deep fried) cooking them is fine. I personally love raw cauliflower. There are also a lot of raw veggies dishes you can make that may help with flavor. Check out Bragg's Liquid Aminos; you can use these seasoning for a lot of things. You can make fresh spring rolls, sushi, stir-fry's, etc.

Here is a chicken w/ asparagus recipe I made a few weeks ago.

thanks Larisa!!! the Chicken w/ asparagus was incredibe!
Good question. I will stay on the lookout for a list.
glad you enjoyed it!
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