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Cooking in times of recession

Posted Nov 10 2008 9:48am
Cooking in times of recession. I have a feeling that this blog will come in handy, as I write this post news of circuit city is spreading like fire, and it is being said that circuit city news of the moment have it that circuit city is bankrupt or circuit city has filed for bankruptcy and you never know who is next. So, I think we just have to cut out that habit of eating out whenever laziness crawls and when you think I don't know how much you spend on average eat out, I have an idea how much we spent in a small town in Italy. Oh God the food is lovely there around the hills of Forli, Bertinoro.

But now you do not have to worry join me as I cook from Bangkok, help you shop, bring you latest aromatherapy products and much more from here:

Now that it is bye bye to eating out lets get to basics: TIRAMISU italian word that mean lift me up, just what we need in times of recession. In this blog you will find very useful recipes that will brighten your days in times of Christmas.

Tomorrow Im going to TOYS R US and see how prices compare here and where you are keep reading my blogs but sure you cannot have time to read all of them as have over 40 in time of recession.

Get the recipe in my older post here

For you to enjoy with the recipes you try here, wine directly in your home, shipping is free!
250g of Mascarpone cheese
3 eggs
finger biscuits
3 teaspoons of sugar
Cocoa powder

In a container I mix the egg yolks with the sugar. I then beat the egg whites and I add them to the yolk and sugar mixture. Then I add the mascarpone and mix really well.

I then dip the biscuits into coffee and arrange them in the container, alternating a layer of biscuits with that of cream. I continue like this until I have used all cream. Then with the help of a sieve I put a small quantity of cocoa powder on top.
Then into the fridge.
If you have no time can have it done on the previous day.
If you would like to do it step by step with me, contact me!
Have a nice Tiramisu, will you?
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