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Cooking For One: Fear, Monotony, Time… But Always an Adventure!

Posted May 02 2008 1:46pm

What are your biggest hurdles regarding “cooking for one”? 
• “Fear” – not knowing what to cook? 
• “Monotony” – tired of the same-old-stuff? 
• “Time” – I don’t have it?
• “Recipes” – do recipes for “one serving” even exist?
• Or something entirely different?

After cooking for myself for many years, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that healthy cooking for one – namely me – must start with a healthy attitude about my value to myself.  Do you agree? 

When folks start talking about this subject of “healthy cooking for one”, I’m always surprised at the reaction to my simple question: “Don’t you think you’re worth it?” 

Most folks are stopped cold… I can tell… something about the open mouth with no sound coming out… even if it’s just for that split second till “recovery”…

So here we are… getting ready to launch this great adventure “Your Healthy Cooking For One”… and I’d like to ask YOU  the same question:

Are you worth it?

Kinda gets you thinking differently, doesn’t it?

So tell me… what truly does hold you back? 

I’d love to hear about it… Because then I’d like to DO something about those barriers…

I’d also like to hear your comments regarding the flip side of that question too: 
• What things do you LOVE about cooking for one? 
• What things would you like see on this blog site? 

I also invite you to share your tried and true recipes with the rest of us who are “cooking for one”…

And for the record… I think you’re worth it…

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