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Confessions, Part II.

Posted Feb 10 2013 5:25am

Was anyone else ever concerned about the fact that we were spending our college years grooving to a song about a man having a baby with his ‘chick on the side’? Or that on that same album, Usher taught us to be ‘lad(ies) in the street, but…freak(s) in the bed”? No? Maybe we forgave him because ‘Caught Up’ also proved to be a fabulous frat party song . Or maybe we were simply enjoying the jungle juice too much to worry about it.

Just things I think about sometimes.

i also think about usher vs. J.T. dance-offs.

Because it’s never NOT a good time for a stream-of-consciousness (with pictures to match) post–or free-wheeling with a double negative--I bring you another batch of hot-from-the-oven-that-is-my-brain confessions.


1. I lied just now when I said stream-of-consciousness. I actually have a Color Note on my phone where I keep track of things I feel like I should confess as they come to me.

2. From phone to Instagram. Every time I check IG, I also check my photo array. I become overly concerned if it is too brown, too boring, or lacking in diversity. [I swear, I eat more than just oatmeal. Not much more. But more. ;) ] 3. Sometimes I think I buy and eat celery solely for the moment I reach the crispy, even-more-bland-than-celery-already-is heart.

It is my favorite part.

4. I tweeted that this cold kabocha was going to be part of dinner. It wasn’t. It was part of that post-dinner, still munchy fifteen minutes after you’ve washed your dinner bowl. 5. Yes, dinner bowl. I rarely use plates.

6. The rest of that kabocha was eaten as an after midnight snack, with Mango Peach + Olive Salsa and dijon mustard. 7. Because I don’t care what nutritionists say, I eat at all hours of the day (and night).

8. I intended to drink the last serving of my Good Belly Coconut Water in a wine glass to class things up, entirely for social media show. Instead I relished in the opportunity to drink straight from the carton.

9. Usually, I don’t actually eat my ‘proats’ as you see them in blog and Instagram photos. Obviously, by the time I’ve taken the (excessive amount of) pictures, they are cold. Also, I like to take it in my travel bowl [slash] mug and eat them at my desk in those last quiet moments before school starts.

So I take something that looks fairly presentable, like this… …and reheat it at school, where it ends up looking a lot more like this.

10. When I was in middle or high school, someone told me I looked like Claire Danes. This was in the My So-Called Lifeperiod, so I can’t say that I was anything but indifferent about it. But, um, if I look anything like her now, call me pleased as (pretty) punch.

and i will happily take a side of hugh dancy any time.

11. I really wanted to eat some Peanut Butter Toast Crunch one morning. However, I had a fabulous blueberry apple theme (including Bob’s Red Mill apple blueberry granola) going on with my proats, so I ate it separately. [But not after first putting it on top of my proats...and then removing it.] 12. Months ago, my book club read Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? The hold list for it at the library was too long, so I bought it, read the whole thing with the book open at a 40 degree angle so as not to crack the spine, and then returned it.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, I used a giftcard

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