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Colonics: Like A Bath For The Pooper

Posted Mar 17 2011 6:00am
When most of us think of hydrotherapy, we are more likely to picture the above, right? A laid back spa experience. Well, I thought I'd introduce myself to you with a little post about a different kind of hydrotherapy. That's right, we're heading into the dark zone. The pooper. Meghan recently addressed the topic of enemas, when she shared info on her morning cup o' joe and where she puts it, now allow me to introduce you to another type of cleansing- the mighty colonics, more prettily named, hydrotherapy. Now, colonics may not be the best thing for peeps with a history of inflammation in the intestines- which is why Meghan passed this sweet assignment on to me. For most of us though, I've got to say, it'll make you feel light and bright.
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