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Cleochatra's Amazing Low-Carb 'Oopsie Rolls' Recipe Is To Die For

Posted Mar 21 2008 2:39pm

Nope, this ain't no Egg McMuffin. It's an Oopsie--seriously!

Some of the best food creations to come out of my kitchen have happened almost by accident. Just when you think you've totally messed up the perfect recipe and you're kicking yourself for not following it by the letter, along comes a pleasant surprise to totally blow you away. Of course, you really MEANT to do that, right? *wink wink*

But even the best sometimes experience the trials and tribulations that hit our inner Paula Deen where we're a whole lot close to Paula Abdul instead! Ah, but never fear because fate always has a way of turning that lemon into lemonade and the birth of a new and exciting recipe awaits. Or, something like that.

In the case of Cleochatra, that lemon would be the appropriately named "Oopsie Rolls." It's obvious why she named them this because they were supposed to be one thing and ended up another. But the flexibility of these oh-so-yummy low-carb bread roll thingys is quite evident in a series of recipes I'll share in just a moment. First, let me show you this neat little recipe compliments of Cleochatra.


3 large eggs
1 packet of Splenda
A dash of salt
A pinch of cream of tartar
3 ounces cream cheese (not Tbsp!) Do not soften!

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Separate the eggs and add Splenda, salt, and cream cheese to the yolks. Use a mixer to combine the ingredients together. In a separate bowl, whip egg whites and cream of tartar until stiff (if you're using the same mixer, mix the whites first and then the yolk mixture).

Using a spatula, gradually fold the egg yolk mixture into the white mixture, being careful not to break down the whites. Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray and spoon the mixture onto the sheet, making 6 mounds. Flatten each mound slightly.

Bake for about 30 minutes (You want them slightly softer, not crumbly). Let cool on the sheet for a few minutes, and then remove to a rack and allow them to cool.

Storage and freezing:

I store them in a Ziplock bag with the bag open partially (this way they breathe and don't get too moist) and keep them in the fridge after the first day. Then, when you want to use them, take them out and set them on the counter for 15-30 minutes or until they are room temperature. This makes them more "dry" and less sticky.

As for freezing, I tried freezing and they do freeze. This time you want to close the Ziplock when storing (I only store two per bag). To thaw, let them rest on the counter until room temperature in the bag with the bag open. When they're close to room temperature, set them outside of the bag so that they can "dry" out slightly for use.

Makes 6 "Oopsie Rolls"
Calories 85 each
Carbs Less than 1g each (WOWee!!!)

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