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Cleaning Out the Chimney

Posted Sep 03 2010 6:23am

The world around us can contain more pollutants than we think. The air we breathe in is full of chemicals produced by factories and spread through its currents, into our lungs. Second hand smoke is also another concern to our health and I know because I've been there. My mother used to be an avid smoker and I would constantly be taking in that unfiltered lung contaminating smog. It is unhealthy; just as unhealthy as it is breathing in the fumes from trailers and automobiles. Not only are toxics a concern damaging our lungs, but we can also be hurt by the food we eat. As smoke is to damage our lungs, fat and grease can damage our bodies and disrupt our digestive systems. Those with allergens are at an even greater risk of having their regular body functions thrown into chaos.

I recall a while back, before I became a vegetarian, I went through a good colon cleanse to 'prep' my body into becoming liberated from the weight of meat and its effects to the digestive system. After all was said and done, I felt weightless. Ask someone else alike, and they will tell you the same thing. Going vegetarian can give you the sensation of weighing less. It's a peculiar sensation to describe and the odd thing about it all is that only vegetarians/vegans can understand it. I'm sure going raw can cause an even greater effect, but, unfortunately I went that route for a while and I can't adhere to it. I eat a lot of raw vegetables and such, but, going the whole nine yards doesn't work for me and that's fine because a diet is what we feel comfortable with that does our body good.

Back to colon cleansing, the big question is: do we really need it? It's an argumentum subject. In my opinion, I think it is a necessary procedure. Constipation leads to colon disease. Well, frequent constipation and when I mean frequent, I mean going once or twice a week and hard to pass. A no-no diet, one that is high in fat and low in fiber causes chronic constipation. If you have this, that puts you at a high risk of getting diseases and worst case scenario, cancer; but, that's not saying other individuals with a perfect system are free of getting cancer. Who knows why?

There are several methods of colon cleansing, but, not all of them are gentle on the system - trust me. I've tried a few that literally make everything worse! The bloating, the cramps - it plain sucks. I might as well wait it out prior to going for a cleanse. Now, I did find a few that are pretty good and thorough instead of popping a pill every so often. I dislike the powders because I just can't take anything like that. I can't even take liquid cold medicine because it makes me gag, so, imagine drinking sludge. Yeah, uh, not buying it. I've tried Garden of Life and their products, which weren't too bad if I skipped the liquid gunk. I think I tried Renew Life too, can't remember. Normally I take psyllium husk fiber caps as my fiber source and I'm good because I know the rest of my fruits and vegetables compensate for the remainder of the requirements.

So, I've been contacted by a representative from DrNatura to try out their colon cleanse and, frankly, it's about time I do another one. I usually do one every four months or so, unless I feel I need one more urgently. I'll give everyone a heads up on how it goes once I'm through with the product.

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