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Chocolate + Butternut Squash = My New Lover

Posted Mar 15 2011 6:00am
IMG_3234 I swear to my mismatched stripey socks that if I see another root vegetable recipe or some creative concoction of squash I am going to throw my spatula out the window and light my aprons on fire. I done with winter cooking. Done I say. DONE! Are you listening?? It is time to bring in some spring. I am ready for the first harvests. I want some new kale, I want some wild leeks, I want Spring earth mother lovers. Spring. This is where my man would look at me and say, "Why stress over what you can't change". Or even more annoying, when I am pouting like a school girl who's knee highs won't stay up, he'll say "Use this as an exercise". Well I won't goodness darnnit. I won't. So to soothe my soul because the boob-like shape of buttrnut squash no longer amuses me the way it did when it was fresh and new back in the fall, I decided to make one last ditch ever to find some love in my heart for this cancer fighting, immune boosting, fibre-tastic fruit that everyone thinks is a vegetable and turn it into something we all know and love.
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