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Chewy Chocolate Chip Truffles (Cashew-free)

Posted Jul 16 2012 10:00am

Chewy Chocolate Chip Truffles (Cashew-free)

Dessert July 16, 2012

Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of Oatmeal With A Fork! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Tucson has been hot and muggy, but that’s allowed us to take advantage of the pool!

Jade is nearly 3 and afraid to go in the deep end, while 7 month-old Natalie loves to bob up and down with us.

A couple of things on the food front…

1) My vanilla almond milk recipe has been altered to include a pinch of vitamin C. I’ve been making it like crazy because it kept going bad after like 2 days! Anyway, I started thinking about preservatives and what might naturally help it to last longer….you know how you spritz an avocado with lemon to keep it green? It’s actually the vitamin C in the lemon that has this effect. Well, I figured adding a pinch of ascorbic acid to the milk would preserve it a bit longer. Turns out, it works! I used a supplemental vitamin C I already had on hand. If you regularly make your own nut or seed milk, you may also consider investing in a nut milk bag. This is the one I ordered off of Amazon, and I love it! It makes the milk so smooth and creamy! Then, I dehydrate the almond pulp (actually, I bake it at 170 for about 6 hours), and use it in baked goods, like cookies or even pancakes…*drool*…

( source )

2) I’ve devised a sort of gluten-free baking flour mix. I looked for some online, but I have a few issues with ones I found.

-added gums or starches (me no likey)

-added flax meal (I’m allergic)

-added oat flour (amazingly, I wanted something without oats, as I eat so much already)

Ta-da! This is what I came up with…


1 part chia seed meal (ground up chia seeds)

1 part buckwheat flour (ground from raw groats)

4 parts sorghum flour

4 parts brown rice or sweet rice flour

Mix all in a Ziploc bag and use as desired.

I’ve used this in a pancake recipe (to be seen next week) and really enjoyed the taste and texture it gave. I’m not gluten-intolerant, but I believe my daughter and husband are. I really enjoy eating a variety of grains, because you get something different from. Buckwheat, in particular, is supposed to be quite beneficial for the liver and balancing hormones, which I definitely need!

And now for these….

Doesn’t everyone love truffles? I know I do! The only problem for me is that so many recipes have cashews, which I’m allergic to (you’ll learn, I’m allergic to quite a few weird foods). I thought of pine nuts for this, like I used in my Raw Ore-O Cookie Sandwiches , but they’re a bit pricey, and I planned on using a decent amount in this recipe. I opted for walnuts, as they are high fat, meaning they’ll lend a creaminess to the truffle without any added oil. Phenomenal!


6 T. oats

2/3 c. walnuts (raw or toasted, whichever you prefer; raw walnuts are a tad bitter so if you dislike that, toast them at 300 degrees for 10-15 minutes)

1/2 t. cinnamon (I probably used closer to 1 teaspoon, but I heart cinnamon!)

1/8 t. salt (if you can find fleur de sal, it goes wonderfully well in raw desserts!)

4-5 dates, depending on size (I used 5 Medjool)

1 t. vanilla

15 drops liquid stevia

1 T. coconut milk (I used low-fat)

handful of cacao nibs or chopped dark chocolate

Process oats into flour. Add walnuts and process until fine. Add rest (except chocolate). Process until all is well combined. Pulse in nibs or chips last so they retain their shape. Form balls and freeze for about 10-15 minutes.

I recently bought these from Whole Foods to use in the truffles, and they turned out fabulous!

I actually used 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cacao nibs and 1 tablespoon of the above. Perrrrrfect sweetness and a nice little crunch!

What’s the most unusual food you’re allergic to?

I have a serious allergy to kiwi! When I was little, I had an anaphylactic reaction to it at a restaurant after gorging myself…it was quite scary for me!




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