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Chew chew chew. What else is in your gum?

Posted Apr 04 2011 6:00am
Back in my university days I was a big time gum chewer. I would chomp through a pack every 2 days or so and sometimes I would chomp so much that my jaw would hurt. I think it was kind of compulsive studying habit I had - I was convinced it helped me concentrate. Well, I guess that's kind of selfish because the people around me probably wanted to kill me with all the bubble popping and clicking I was doing. Ew. But besides the annoying factor, the typical types of gum that people chew on are just plain bad for you. They are full of artificial, neurotoxic ingredients such as Aspartame and Sucralose that I would hate to see polluting up a landfill. And to think, people put this stuff into their bodies! Oh my. Has Meghan ever told you about her grade 5 science project where she and a girlfriend decided to test what bubble gum holds its flavour the longest? The mere thought of grape bubble gum makes her gag. I'll have to get her to share that gem!
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