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Can't Ignore The Obvious

Posted Jan 03 2012 12:30pm
Leftover pumpkin hummus* from lunch with Mama and Sister Smart should obviously never go to waste.
*I'm not the only one who makes this ...obviously.
In fact, adding more veggies to the pita bread and hummus makes for a perfect travel snack for the road.
It's also a smart (kitchen) idea to pack even more crudite. You can never have too many veggies. Obviously.**Technically, one can eat too many vegetables and then suffer GI repercussions, or orange-toned skin. But these are issues I'm willing to deal with. Obviously.------------------When the girl moving out so that you can move in says, "Are you cool with me leaving this pineapple here for you?"... say "Yes!"*
*Hopefully I didn't sound too awkwardly excited at the prospect. [But y'all know me, and I'm sure I did. Obviously.]
Obviously.-----------------------Before I even unpacked anything, I had to go grocery shopping. Obviously.----------------------------And I also just had to buy these kitchen gloves. I mean...obviously. Maybe they will make me magically like washing dishes?**Obviously not. ----------------------

When your old co-worker [slash] student teaching mentor [slash] hostess offers to bring you some take-out brown rice avocado sushi... obviously accept the generosity. And ask for extra ginger. Obviously. ---------------------When she also offers to loan you some cookbooks from her self-proclaimed "vegetarian phase," it's difficult to refuse.

 -------------------The best part about buying lettuce in plastic boxes?*Aside from the fact that it was on clearance, obviously.
Being able to shake and "toss" your salad directly inside. Obviously. -----------------When Sheetz gives out free self-serve coffee for 24 hours over New Year's Eve and Day, it's important to partake. Even if it means getting decaf at 4:00 in the afternoon... ...and then filling up not only your Thermos, but an extra cup as well, the next morning. It's important to be grateful for generosity.*Obviously.*Read: "Take advantage of free food and drink when it is offered to you."-----------------If you have a Starbucks gift card, it is important not to let it languish unused. You can write thank-you notes while sipping on some cinnamon-dusted Pike's Place Roast. Which you always want to call "Pike's Peak."**Obviously. I mean, who doesn't? Moving requires lots of coffee. Obviously.
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