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Can Real Food be Fast? eBook Review: Real {Fast} Food

Posted Nov 28 2011 9:21pm

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As anyone can tell by the title of my blog, I am not a big fan of anything that takes too much time. Some might think then that it would be impossible for me to enjoy truly healthy food without spending my whole day in the kitchen. You know, the healthiest food is always made from scratch, and that takes forever, right?


I do spend a lot of time in my kitchen, don’t get me wrong. At least part of that, though, is because I have this little thing called a blog. Gotta keep the new content comin’, dontcha know. But believe me when I say that I don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen.

For example, today I:

  • did some pre-school work with my son
  • kept a pre-schooler and infant entertained and out of trouble
  • drove 20 minutes away to accompany a private school choir for practice (my PT job right now)
  • blogged, networked, emailed, etc
  • taught 2 piano lessons
  • did 3 loads of laundry
  • cleaned and straightened the living room, dining room and piano studio/office
  • went to Giant for our bi-weekly ration of bananas (yeah, I know, it flies in the face of my OAMS don’t-go-into-the-stores-anymore-than-you-have-to philosophy , but we go through bananas like crazy here)
  • tested 2 new recipes for blog posts (I know this is time spent in the kitchen, but I mention it because the only reason I made these 2 recipes was for urgent deadlines! Otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the time.)
  • 2 different photography sessions
  • writing a blog post, and afterwards will watch a lil TV with my DH

Sound kinda like your day? I thought so. At least in that it’s kind of crazy busy.

Plus I did spend time in the kitchen. A body’s gotta eat! Here’s my kitchen time today:

  • made a batch of buckwheat pancakes
  • packed a lunch for a pre-schooler (he eats lunch at pre-school while I play the piano)
  • warmed up my own lunch (leftover soup, in case you’re curious)
  • cooked and mashed 6 sweet potatoes
  • roasted a turkey
  • strained and stored turkey broth that cooked overnight in the slow cooker
  • put away yogurt that was made overnight in the yogurt machine
  • made potatoes, carrots, and Harvest Fruit Salad for dinner
  • put away the remnants of the turkey, including the bones, for later use

All of this to prove that even if you are crazy busy like me, you can still find time to make real food for your family.

Which is exactly the point my friend Trina makes in her new eBook, Real {Fast} Food . This book is an amazing resource that will walk you step-by-step through the maze of real food prep to help you make the most of your precious time. Busy mommies do not have to rely on box mixes and pre-packaged foods to feed their families! This little guide will tell you all you need to know to fix really, super healthy food for everyone in your family.

Real {Fast} Food shows you how to plan and prep in advance so that hot and healthy meals can be ready at a moment’s notice no matter how crazy your day. Trina’s ideas for faster healthy food prep include:

  • monthly menu planning
  • monthly grocery shopping ( sound familiar? )
  • batch cooking ingredients and meal components
  • baking day

Any of this sound daunting or confusing or impossible? Don’t worry; Trina not only walks you through each process, she offers trouble-shooting solutions for special circumstances and frustrating situations.

And, of course, a book about food wouldn’t be complete without a recipe or two! Real {Fast} Food contains quite a few recipes for everything from spice mixes to yogurt to whole wheat bread. She also gives great ideas for super fast dinner combinations, and easy packed lunches. Plus, she offers healthy real-food versions of popular recipes like Breakfast Casserole, Chicken Divan, and Apple Pie.

Pictured above, in fact, is one of the recipes from her book, “ Claire’s Nutbutter Brownies “, which are already completely grain-free, and refined-sugar-free (sweetened only with honey), and I also adapted to make them nut-free (using sun butter) and egg- free (flax gel instead of the egg). Just as easy as one-bowl-brownies or even a brownie mix, and so delicious.

Even if you are an experienced “real foodie”, you will find much useful information in this eBook. I guarantee there are suggestions and ideas for stream-lining or improving the process of making real food that you never considered!

Real {Fast} Food is available on Kindle, Nook, and of course in PDF format. All formats cost only $6!!! That’s a paltry investment for such a return! So go ahead and snatch up your very own copy, and get ready to revolutionize your food preparation process!
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