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Campbell’s Chicken Marsala Skillet Sauce!…

Posted Oct 16 2012 6:41am

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope your week is off to a good start.  Mine is alright I suppose.  My stomach was really hurting me bad yesterday so I ended up leaving work around 1:30pm.  I spent the rest of the afternoon laying on my sofa watching the dvr.  Nothing that I did or tried to do would make my stomach feel better.  I sure hope that this new doctor can help me on Thursday.  I feel like everyday, I’m getting a little bit worse.  I don’t get it.  I’m wishing that he has some answers or see’s something that my other doctor missed.  I have a few ideas of things that I want to ask him so we shall see what happens.

When Mike got home from work, he offered to make dinner.  I was very happy about that since I really didn’t feel like doing much of anything last night.  When we went to the supermarket, I noticed that Campbell’s New Skillet Sauces were on sale and I had a coupon.  We wanted to try the Chicken Marsala sauce.  All you have to do is add chicken.  It seemed easy enough for us to try especially on a Monday night.

Marsala Skillet Sauce

All you need is boneless, skinless chicken breast and vegetable oil


Chicken cooking in the marsala sauce

We served our chicken marsala over fettuccine pasta.  Refrigerated pasta was on sale and I had a coupon so that was the fettuccine that we made.  It actually ended up tasting like homemade pasta!  It was a nice change from the regular boxed pasta that we make.


Chicken Marsala

Another view of our meal


My dinner plate

The sauce was very light and I didn’t think they put enough in the packet to coat pasta or whatever side dish that you are serving the chicken with.  That was my old complaint about it.  It didn’t taste so much like chicken marsala.  I couldn’t really place what it tasted like.  It tasted a little bit more like mushroom gravy.  I think.  I liked it though and I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again or trying one of the other flavors.

There are six flavors: Toasted Sesame, Fire Roasted Tomato, Scampi, Creamy Chipotle, Marsala, and Thai Green Curry.  Have you tried any of the flavors?  If you were going to, which one would you want to try?  I liked that dinner was ready in about 15 minutes which was great when we both really didn’t feel like cooking or making anything elaborate.  Plus, it gave some leftovers for tonight for Mike to enjoy.  So that is always a good thing.

The rest of the night we spent watching 90210 and Gossip Girl.  Let me tell you, I feel like I am wasting an hour of my life each week watching Gossip Girl.  I think they have officially run out of story lines or something.  It’s so boring to me.  I know there are only 8 episodes left in the entire season and I think the show has run its course.  It was so good for so many years and this last season is just not one of my favorites.  What do you think?  Are you still liking Gossip Girl?

Alrighty, well that is all I have for today.  Have a lovely Tuesday!

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