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Buy time children

Posted Nov 20 2012 6:37am

Once upon a time, in Osaka, Japan a family, a dad, a mom, and two haven't kindergarten boy.

Dad wanted to support his wife and two children, work is very busy, often go out early and return till late, less than eat generally will not return to home.

One day, dad just into the dr dre monster beats house, he saw his two children with hesitation eyes looked at him, he said, "dad... dad, you work an hour earn much money that?" Dad didn't know the children inside of the bottle gourd buy what medicine, he said: "er... probably about six thousand yen!" The voice just fell, the younger brother and timidly said: "well... dad, can you lend us two thousand yen?" Dad although don't know they are make what title, but still gave them two thousand yen. After receiving two thousand yen, two brothers and a happy day, jumped up and down, but also to give my mother said, let the father zhang two monks - confused, at this time, the children excitedly say: "dad, we now have a six thousand yen, tomorrow you can one hour earlier home ah???????!!"

Later, father won't come so late, because, that an hour has been his children "buy" walk. Of course, not money, but with their "childlike innocence".

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