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Butcher & the Burger Continued

Posted Jul 11 2012 10:23pm
I'm definitely giving off the impression that I'm a massive carnivore or I'm just asking for a heart attack, but Spencer and I visited Butcher & the Burger again. Sorry, but, come on: their burgers are amazing. Now that we knew the drill, we wanted the focus to be on the seasonings this time. Spencer tried the Chicago Steakhouse (left) with his House Blend beef, while I decided on the Bottom Game (lower right). Our burgers are not complete until bacon and griddle onions are added. And it is not a meal without some of their Kennebec fries.

Our lunch, needless to say, was a thing of beauty. Although parts of my burger were a touch too salty it wasn't unbearable. I basically cleaned out my board, know... The bacon never disappoints. The thick-cut strips are one of the most sinfully savory delicious add-ons to a burger, and this joint does it perfectly. We finally figured out what made the fries so darn crispy and delicious: the lard. I know, I know, kinda gross to think about how much concentrated fat actually goes into an order of fries. But, do you want crispy, delectable fries, or what? You don't come to this place for some low-fat diet-friendly food for the same reason you wouldn't go to McDonald's for a salad. Only a salad. Or just a salad in general, what's wrong with you? I love fries and these were especially wonderful because they were free. Don't forget to tap your Belly card when you're here for some fun perks!

I'll have to say that Spencer's second visit (and my third) to Butcher & the Burger was as successful as the first, if not more. It seems like our burger experiences are brought to a whole new level with each new combination of meat, seasoning, and toppings. We're not complaining--we're big fans of variety. This time, Butcher & the Burger has a chalkboard of their favorite creations. So if you're lacking in the creativity department--or just in general knowledge of what meats go with which seasonings--they've taken the hard part our for you and customized a burger to suit your tastes. Just take a peek at the little chalkboard to the left of the main menu for some inspiration.

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