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Busy As A Bee!!…

Posted Apr 24 2013 6:43am

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday to you!  I am glad that we’ve reached the middle of the week already.  I apologize for falling off the face of the earth yesterday.  I had all intentions of posting but life has gotten pretty busy lately.  There is a lot of stuff going on in relation to finding a place to live and some private family matters that has gotten me very stressed out and busy.  I had mentioned that on Monday I wasn’t feeling that great.  Well while I was at work, it progressively got worse.  I was starting to feel extremely nauseous and my throat was very swollen and tender.  I kept sneezing, and I had a fever and felt so tired and run-down.  Instead of leaving work early, I stuck out the entire day which probably wasn’t the brightest idea to do.

After work, I went to Melissa’s house to help her with a few things.  We left the house to run some errands and then came back to finish up some things.  Then I ventured home.  I didn’t even have enough energy to want to cook dinner.  So I grabbed the only can of soup I could find in the pantry and made that along with a sweet potato for dinner.

Amy's soup

Amy’s soup

My dinner..soup & potato..I guess it was kinda hot, eh?

My dinner..soup & potato..I guess it was kinda hot, eh?

The soup was actually really good and I was glad that it didn’t contain preservatives or leave my belly feeling worse than it already felt.  I ended up just lounging on the sofa the rest of the night praying that I would feel better on Tuesday.

When I woke up on Tuesday, I did end up feeling better.  My throat didn’t feel as tender and I didn’t feel as run-down and tired.  I made it through the day.  I ended up going out to dinner with my both of my parents together.  This is something that I wanted for a long time.  Did it go like how I imagined it?  No, not at all.  I need to come to the realization that my parents are just not going to be together ever again.  That is really hard for me.  I guess I thought it would be okay but it was kind of awkward and uncomfortable at times.  I was thankful to be sitting there with both of them but it was just a strange experience.

We went to Ruby Tuesday.  I decided to order fish tacos with the salad bar.  Bad idea!  The fish tacos were good but SUPER spicy!!  My stomach was not a fan!  I was angry that my stomach did that to me because it was tilapia and it tasted good.  I learned my lesson though.

Fish tacos

Fish tacos

I had a horrible time sleeping last night.  I didn’t sleep at all.  I think I might have slept for 5 minutes at the most.  I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep.  It was really bad.  I woke up this morning with terrible pains in my stomach, feeling nauseous and my throat feels swollen again.  I don’t get it.  I think it might be bad allergies but who knows at this point?  I’m going to keep a close watch on things and if I’m not feeling better in a couple of days, I might need to make a trip to the doctors.  I would like to avoid that at all costs but I’ll see what happens.

Alright, well have a lovely Wednesday!

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