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Bryan Au :: An Interview + A Great Gift Giveaway

Posted Nov 06 2008 2:20pm


Bryan Au is a raw celebrity chef and ecopreneur who has been enjoying raw foods, living the lifestyle, and promoting it for more than 12 years. He is the author of two versions of Raw In Ten Minutes, and recently completed his latest raw recipe book 5 Star Raw Spa Cuisine with Chef Bryan Au.

Bryan has studied under the guidance of Dr. Gabriel Cousins and develops his raw recipe around his teachings. His style as a raw vegan eco chef can be summed up as quick and easy delicious raw vegan recipes made in ten minutes or less. He also offers a series of Raw Organic Instructional DVD’s. He has an infomercial airing and continues to strive to bring raw into the mainstream. Visit his website to view a segment of his Raw TV show and discover what he offers Raw In Ten, and for great products and visit his Raw Online Store

Bryan’s enthusiasm and love of raw is clearly evident. In this interview he speaks about his raw beginnings and experiences, his aspirations and ideas, shares advice, offers us tips and much more.

RE: When did you discover raw food?

BA: 12 years ago! I was vegetarian at age 12, then really got into being a Vegetarian Chef it was my way of adding more health and harmony to the world. My way of saying and giving thanks back. I feel that I am so lucky to be living in America that I wanted to do something good and be the best person possible by helping others to be happy and healthy. I am so thankful for everything and for all the blessings in my life.

Then about age 29 I went vegan and then RAW at about 30 years old and it was when I was volunteering in Paradise Island in the Bahamas as a Vegetarian Chef for the Sivananda Yoga Retreat that I met my first RAW Foodists and they taught me everything about raw. Ever since that moment more and more raw people, stories, books, chefs all spontaneously entered into my life without me trying and I was like “Wow something is happening here!”

It seemed RAW chose me but I embraced it just as quickly because it was a whole new gourmet world opening up to me but also became my new loving healing spiritual path that is the #1 reason why I do it and promote it. Sometimes I am so enthusiastic and passionate about it that some people may get the wrong idea or think I am too aggressive but I want to explain that when you discover something so healing, fun and enjoyable you want to really share it with the world so everyone can benefit and enjoy it too! But for me promoting RAW is my spiritual path and it is so much fun! It really works and gives you all the health, energy, and creativity that you need to share it with the World.

Everything they say about RAW like how it prevents and reverses diseases, cancer, diabetes, helps people lose weight, cholesterol, anti-ages you it is all true but you do still need to do the research and learn all you can, too many people make assumptions and can be doing it wrong so I recommend reading Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens MD and also his new book The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine if you read these you will pretty much know everything and how to do raw correctly. Those 2 books changed my life and all my recipes are based on it, Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe is also highly recommended.

RE: I’ve read that you have been raw for 12 years now. What has a raw food diet and lifestyle revealed to you?

BA: Wow I can write a book just about this answer! What hasn’t it revealed to me is a good answer! (Laughs)

Well lets see everyday for the past 12 + years I have learned something new that RAW Food solves, prevents or heals and everyday I learn even more. It is a lot like Yoga where people get into it because of all the amazing fun and benefits but then it gets really deep into spirituality, health, it taps you into talents that you didn’t even know you have it literally will transform your mind, body, spirit and improve your life in such amazing ways I have seen this happen not only to myself but countless others and it is such a good thing that this is happening to more people.

You really have to eat it, try it and you will see for yourself. My book RAW IN TEN MINUTES and also RAW FOOD IN TEN MINUTES makes it fun, fast, easy but super delicious too. There is no dehydrating in any of my recipes (although I am writing a special dehydrated in 10 minute recipe book too!). People love my raw recipes because they actually look and taste cooked, baked, deep-fried and they literally only take a few minutes to make and is ready to serve, eat and enjoy! For me RAW totally transformed my life I became much more of a people person, I got to travel more, be on TV, design clothing, I basically got to live out all of my dreams and all my dreams came true too. But it gets so much deeper on spiritual levels. Certain things and realizations will be revealed to you like why were are here and what we are supposed to be doing, for me I got really deep realizations that we are all really here to help each other, support one another and be as spiritual and pure as possible in mind, body and spirit…to share the love and it gets so much more deeper you really have to experience it for yourself and the realizations keep coming to you more and more so there is a very fun spiritual journey attached full of discovery and wonder.

You really start to get the big picture and all the pieces of the puzzle that is the mystery of life and the universe all come together for you more and more each day. Also for me I became much more connected to people, the Earth, the Universe and you realize everything is just LOVE!

So when people choose other things like being jealous, hate, judgment, war, scamming people, making and selling processed or bad foods or products that pollute, well these people are moving farther and farther away from their true life’s purpose, design and reason why they are here, there are awful bad consequences when people choose that path and we all make choices and are being tested everyday. But RAW easily, deliciously solves all of that in the most fun enjoyable ways possible. RAW is one of the few things on Earth that is all natural, all good, and all beneficial for everyone and the entire Planet, that is why I work so hard in trying to make it Mainstream, #1 diet and food trend in America and the next big Industry because we need more healing now more than ever before in history.

RE: There are many exciting things unfolding for you, like the recent launch of your raw organic infomercial, the first of its kind I might add. What inspired you to create an infomercial?

BA: Thank you! Yes well about 12 years ago right after I encountered RAW and embraced it I decided that it should be as popular as say the “Atkins Diet” or “Low Carb Diet” whenever I kept seeing that on TV or in the media I wondered why isn’t RAW as big or popular? Everyone is doing it, Celebrities recommend it and it is in the media more and more yet it is not as popular as say McDonald’s, or Atkins, etc. while those diets are destructive, unhealthy and RAW is so beneficial! It made no sense to me so I had a plan of writing my book, opening my raw restaurant, filming a raw TV show, an infomercial then opening a national RAW franchise in order to make it all happen in a big way.

So far I was able to accomplish all of those things except for the national RAW Franchise and that is coming up next if the RAW Infomercial works and succeeds! Heck if Jamba Juice and Starbucks can do it then RAW can too! I was inspired to do the RAW “Cooking” TV Show infomercial where I teach 4 raw organic recipes and talk about the benefits of the raw organic diet and my new amazing ceramic knives, the Blendtec blender and more so that Millions of new people can learn about raw, benefit from it and enjoy it as much as we all do!

Whenever you discover something that is so enjoyable, fun, healthy and beneficial you want to share it with the World and yell at all the rooftops! But the best way is through mass media and television. That really is the way to make RAW Mainstream and #1, all other diets did it that way so I am only following what works. For me it is a lot of fun and exciting but I really care about everyone’s health and the environment that is why I do all of this and work so hard 24/7. RAW should already be mainstream and #1 but like I said it takes the mass media to really make that happen. It also happens to be a dream of mine, and one of my goals, but I want it to represent the entire collective consciousness and make my TV RAW Show infomercial represent ALL of our dreams and goals in the RAW and Yoga community. It is not all about me so much as the ENTIRE COMMUNITY TOGETHER in unity and success because the infomercial will also make that happen.

I think a lot of us work so hard and have our own dreams that we may forget it is about unity, love, light…so I am hoping people recognize my true intentions, many people who have not met me might get the wrong impression or idea about me and I am hoping that people do get a chance to meet me, get to know me or e-mail me first before assuming anything about me. Everyone that meets me becomes my friend forever and I love everyone and care about everyone very much that is why I do this! Also being RAW gives you a lot of energy so everyday I have to be creative or do something to positively help others with all my abundant raw energy.

I really want RAW to become the next major industry and since the very beginning I wanted to unite and unify the entire RAW industry so we can all win together, support one another and not compete, raw was always since the very beginning about unity, community spirit, sharing, love and light. But now that there is TV, fame, money involved I have seen it change and go through growing pains but this is normal for any new emerging industry but the really raw people area all connected, helping each other and loving it.

RE: What are some of the key lessons you aim to teach?

BA: Just to love one another, share, don’t judge people, have fun with RAW and let it guide you. Also it is not about percentages but about benefits and enjoyment. Also try to educate yourself and research all you can about RAW before just leaping in and making assumptions or mistakes. A lot of people don’t do the research and can do it wrong, or get frustrated, they may try to do it too fast overnight or try to go 100% too quickly, like everything else you really have to transition into it slowly, enjoy the process but please do the research and again I can’t recommend enough to people that they please read CONSCIOUS EATING and The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine both by Gabriel Cousens MD because he explains EVERYTHING you need to know to do RAW correctly like your body type, blood type, but also spiritual, medical and scientific information.

RE: Eco Green Cuisine is a term you’ve coined. Can you give us a few tips on how to be eco-friendly in the kitchen?

BA: Oh yes wow you really know a lot Ingrid you RAWCK!!! Ok well Eco Green Cuisine is about just chopping and using your hands. Not having to use machines, electricity that is really raw and in nature there is no machines or appliances! Global Warming is a reality and we all know it all you have to do is step outside and see how hot or freaky the weather is. Things like electricity creates a lot of pollution because of what is involved in generating it, besides that you save a lot of money if you are more eco green. I coined the term Eco Green Cuisine because in RAW you don’t use stoves or gas so at least you are not a fossil fuel user! So I have a few recipes that only requires a sharp knife and cutting board, which really makes RAW the most Eco Green Cuisine on the planet and will help save it too! I have an instructional DVD that is really popular available on with my Eco Green Cuisine recipes, and it is available on my main website is Raw In Ten.

RE: I’m intrigued with your ceramic knives. What can you tell us about these knives, and what sets them apart from a stainless steel kitchen knife?

BA: Ingrid you are so amazing and I totally get that you understand where I am really coming from that is so nice and I SO APPRECIATE it when people get who I am and why I do this thank you! Ok well my new ceramic knives are pretty amazing. Previously I always wanted to try it my RAW friends would buy the Kyocera ones but I could never afford them they were way too high priced and I didn’t really like their designs I thought they were way too thin and flimsy. Luckily a very good ceramic knife manufacturer found out about my raw book and website they contacted me to see if I wanted my own signature series of ceramic knives and I was like OH YEAH!!! When you are RAW more and more synergistic things like this will happen it is pretty amazing.

So they sent me some samples and I was so impressed they were much thicker, better designs but the prices were amazing and they even laser etched my name and RAW STAR logo on them and created a very attractive carrying case as well, Kyocera does not come with a carrying case unless you buy their very expensive sets which are huge.

Also the prices on mine are incredible and I want to keep everything I sell to be very affordable, accessible so that everyone can have them, benefit and enjoy them too. I don’t want people to ever feel that being healthy or raw is “too expensive” so I always choose products that I truly feel are super beneficial, fun, healthy and affordable. My Signature Series of Ceramic Knives are only $25 for the 4″, $45 for the 6″, and $55 for the World’s ONLY 8″ Ceramic Knife! Kyocera only has a 6″ ceramic knife and most recently came out with a 7″ but mine is the World’s only 8″ and it makes a huge difference and makes it unique too. The RAW Star logo makes it RAW and fun as well.

I will ONLY USE Ceramic Knives in all of my food preparations actually because what I have found is food won’t react with ceramic knives, it actually stays fresher longer, it won’t wilt or oxidize! So people save a lot of money using them but on top of that your food stays pure and fresher longer I noticed that when I used metal knives no matter how high quality that it actually altered and changed the flavor, vibration and quality of the food. With ceramic this does not happen and it stays all-natural and pure which is the point of being and eating RAW. The reason being metal always reacts with food and everything that is why food will wilt and oxidize as soon as you cut with metal knives you are actually getting metal and metal ions into your food! Metal knives also always rust, gets dull you always have to sharpen them before each use then they become useless after a while and they are heavy too. With Ceramic knives you never have to sharpen them for 2 years, they never rust, they are light weight and balanced so you don’t get fatigued and they are very easy to clean while keeping your food fresher longer and pure.

With all of these benefits I truly believe that every raw foodist should have them and use them, with my new prices they finally can! And they are selling out very quickly from my website sales are up even in these challenging economic times because people realize how cool and valuable they are. They literally are the BEST KNIVES IN THE WORLD and at the best prices too.

Many gourmet chefs and restaurants are using them because of all the benefits that I have described above. Also when you hold them in your hand it is awesome and very empowering to know that you are using the most high tech and best knife in the world but that you are literally holding in your hands your own well being, health and are empowered by these new ceramic knives.

It is a very RAWesome amazing feeling that you get each time you use the ceramic knives you have to try it to see! You will love using it and they are so super laser razor sharp they are just RAWmazing!!! They also happen to come from NASA Space Shuttle technology. I will only use Ceramic Knives from now on because it makes such a huge difference in the quality and taste of your food the vibe is much higher and I only use a metal knife to open a coconut. I also have Ceramic Peelers, which people really love too.

RE: What is one of your favorite kitchen gadgets?

BA: I would have to say my Ceramic Knives and the Blendtec Blender it is the BEST blender and I have the best price for it on my website as well. My intention is to provide what I truly feel is the best products and the best prices so you can have the best day ever! Everyone loves to quote David Wolfe he is really amazing and so inspirational!

RE: Where and what was your most memorable raw meal?

BA: Once Alicia Silverstone picked me up in her Echo Car(one of the first Eco Hybrid cars ever made by Toyota) and she took me to a underground dinner in Hollywood where the Red Hot Chili Peppers showed up and joined us for one of the most delicious and amazing RAW Organic Dinners and I was surprised to meet the Red Hot Chili Peppers one of my most favorite rock groups in the World, wow that was an incredible evening to remember and a complete surprise. Alicia Silverstone is really into raw food since way back when before it became so popular this was like in 2001 I think, she also taught me so much about RAW she is an incredible amazing angel. I have had many other incredible raw meal experiences since then but that was the most memorable for me. Of course this one green smoothie I made really knocked my socks off too….:)

RE: What one word would you use to describe yourself?

Loving! hmmmm or Spiritual, it is kinda hard to use only one word but those are pretty close.

RE: What is the one thing about you few people know?

BA: Maybe how long I have been into RAW 12+ years. Or why I do it and promote it or am so enthusiastic about it. I think most people like you see my real intentions, but because of the Internet what is happening is people don’t all get to meet each other anymore in person so they can also assume or “hear” things about others that may not be true so rumors or assumptions can be created that are not real or true.
But I suppose there are a lot of things about me people don’t really know unless they get to meet me, but once they do they all love me and become my friend forever because I am all about love, joy, laughter and fun!

RE: What is your best keep secret in the kitchen?

BA:White Truffle Oil! This is a super secret that I learned from owning and operating my own RAW Restaurant. This is also one of the biggest secrets I teach in my RAW Class but I have many others but since you asked and are so nice I thought I would share this one. If you ever make “bad” raw food whether fresh or dehydrated all you have to do is add a few drops of White Truffle Oil you can find this at most health food stores, gourmet shops and sometimes at Trader Joes, for some reason it makes raw food AMAZING and will fix even the worst raw food or recipe and make it super delicious! I have many more secrets too but some are obvious like how I only use ceramic knives also the Blendtec Blender makes a huge difference in my food preparations too for a lot of people Blendtec is new info so is like a “secret” but these things makes such a huge difference I have found. I have many more secrets but you can only learn them in my RAW Class!

RE: Funniest/Worst Un-cooking Disaster(s)?

BA: Hmmmm ok some cities or places have different elevations so it may take much longer to dehydrate something! I was doing a catering gig and was trying to make my special upside down pineapple cake which normally takes 14 hours of dehydration, well in a certain city because it was so “misty” or “damp” it took like 2 to 3 days!

Also I was invited to be one of the caterers for Peta’s special 25th Gala Anniversary Party in Paramount Studios in Hollywood and I got to meet all the Celebrities that I always wanted to, they came to my raw organic booth where I had tons of food but I quickly ran out because it was so popular! It is very easy to run out of food but at least I had some left when Pamela Anderson came by she is one of my heros because she is totally vegan, into animal rights, and into RAW too. I think she is very glamorous and really helping to get the message out there she is even vegan when it comes to her clothing choices and I am too.

Also at my raw restaurant sometimes for whatever reason I had to work the entire shift by myself! This happened like 3 times and once I was all by myself on a Friday night (long story) and like 30 people walked in at the same time! I almost freaked out but was happy too, I wanted to see if I can handle it, and somehow I was able to sit them all down, get them water and free appetizers, take their orders, make their food and get them the bill and somehow I totally worked it and everyone was totally happy with no delays or problems I am so thankful my recipes are literally 10 minutes or less to make, it has saved my life so many times!

RE: Do you have a favorite or signature recipe from your raw recipe book “Raw in Ten Minutes?

BA: Wow that is a really hard one because people and I like them all, they are all very unique and there are so many of them. But people have actually stopped me on the street and thanked me for my Raw Organic Vegan Macaroni and Cheese recipe, this is the ONLY one in existence in the World and I invented it because the cooked version is so toxic but everyone’s favorite comfort food, my raw organic vegan version is creamier, better and healthier.

People also love my mango cheesecake, which uses Brazil nuts and not cashews (I think this nut is kind of overused a lot). Many of my recipes are totally unique and I invented them in my book I am so glad people love them as much as I do. I still really enjoy my Oraweo recipe and I never get tired of eating it or making it, well that goes for all of my recipes really so for me that is proof that they are really good. I have all 4 and 5 star reviews on my page so that is more proof from other people! But there are more than 90+ recipes in the 1st edition and 75+ in the 2nd full color edition to try and to enjoy! I also created the World’s first raw organic vegan “steak” recipe too.

RE: What have you accomplished to date that makes you most proud?

BA: My books, raw restaurant and most recently my RAW Cooking Show infomercial I think will make RAW mainstream and #1 finally and make RAW the next major Diet and Food trend which it deserves to be. I am hoping it will make the entire RAW industry and community proud too and be our collective victory and finally put us on the mainstream map. My intention is to bring up and unify the entire RAW Community and Industry.

RE: It is difficult for me to imagine you doing anything else, but if you could be or do anything else – what?

BA: Hmmmm you are right, if there was something better I would be but for me RAW is it! Nothing is as creative, fun, rewarding, healthy, eco, enjoyable as RAW!

RE: So, TV infomercial and appearances, interviews, travel, Rawsome recipe books, a product and fashion line, teaching, and staying connected with clients and friends, you have been busy. What project(s) is/are coming down the pipeline that you can reveal to us?

BA: I hope my National RAW Franchise after my RAW Infomercial succeeds that is my last dream and goal on my list I think it is a major one.

RE: What tip(s) or advice can you share with those starting out on the raw path?

BA: Do the research, read Gabriel Cousens’ books, I did, and it RAWcked my world and changed my life. Again all my recipes are based on his medical, scientific and spiritual advice. Also please try to be more loving, and not judge others. I see this happening more in the RAW Community where new people come in and may not be respectful of others or of people who have been in this for a very long time. RAW is about love, community spirit, encouragement, support ONLY! And to enjoy the process it is not about percentages although your body will naturally be attracted to the right “percentage” I was 100% for 2 years to see what it would be like and yes it was very amazing beyond words the experience but don’t worry about being 100% Raw or not Gabriel Cousens says being 80% raw and 20% cooked is most optimal for most people and I agree. For me I am about 90% to 95% RAW now.

Also try to let your body transition slowly into it and don’t just jump into it overnight that does not work, talk to people who are experienced and do all the research you can so you are doing it right. Also there are ingredients you should not use or eat even though raw and organic but I will let you discover and find out what those are on your own Gabriel Cousens MD talks about them clearly in his books and yet I still see people using them in their recipe books or recipes and I have no idea why!

RE: Bryan, it has been a pleasure and thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and share your time with us. I wish you much continued success.

BA: Thank you so much Ingrid I am so happy that you know what I am about, I can tell you are REALLY RAW and really care about people that is so important and that is what it is all about thank you so much for everything you do you RAWCK!!!

Love and hugs,
Bryan Au
Raw In Ten

* * *


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1 DVD – Raw In Ten Minutes

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1 signed copy of Bryan’s book - your choice of Raw Raw In Ten Minutes or 5 Star Raw Spa Cuisine with Chef Bryan Au

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1 bottle White Truffle Oil

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